Friday, October 31, 2014

Sony's financials, Vita steady at the bottom

Now the PSP numbers are consigned to history, we can see how Sony is doing on Vita sales, no more hiding behind silly math. Overall, the company is still losing income, burning another three-quarters of a billion dollars. Also, so much for Sony's claims that the PS4 was giving the Vita a sales boost!

The company is shipping 700,000 Vita and PS TV units a quarter according to its latest report, which is steady over the course of the last 18 months. However, with the biggest Christmas quarter just starting, where it managed to ship around two million units last year, it does have a chance to make an impact.

The games division managed a tidy profit going into its most important season, driven by great PS4 sales. Will the launch of PlayStation TV in the west have any impact, guess we'll find out soon enough? I'll break down the Japanese sales figures and try to work out rest-of-the-world numbers soon.

Looks like Resogun will blast the Vita

Letting slip during an update about the PS4 version with some new DLC, HouseMarque dev, J Hawkins, may have confirmed the existence of a Vita version. If true, that's a cool little gem headed the Vita's way to go alongside Super Stardust, Dead Nation and the many other fine shooters.  UPDATE: The port is being handled by Climax who also handled Dead Nation.

All he said was, "Keep watching this space, the VITA version is coming and is looking, sounding and most importantly, playing great!" Which is in no way an official confirmation, but it would make sense as Sony tries to find tame developers willing enough to drag games across to the handheld.

There's been no follow up, so I guess it could well happen, which will brighten up non-PS4 owner's days. Enjoy a clip of what we could all soon be playing.

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Arcana Heart 3: Love Max gets a new trailer

If you're not aware, Arcana Heart 3: Love Max is NISA's updated version of a 2D fighter that includes rebalanced gameplay and several new game modes to choose from. Select between 23 adorable anime characters with new attacks, defensive skills and new 3D rendered environments.

In it, you mix and match each character with Arcanas (celestial beings) in order to figure out which combination works best for you while creating new deadly custom combos! Prove your skill in online multiplayer or enjoy the new content in story mode. With new hidden scenarios and over 300 vignettes depicting the daily lives of the heroines, there is more than enough content to keep you busy for countless hours.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Vita sales up on Baseball and Heroes in Japan

Bandai and Komani provide PlayStation with a little multiplatform firepower this week, although if the Vita is Sony's success in Japan, why did the PS3 version of Pro Baseball outsell the Vita's by 30K? Super Hero Generation didn't do so well but the Vita came out on top in that battle on the Media Create chart.

01./01. [3DS] Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate (Capcom)  - 172.348 / 1.945.850 (-47%)
02./00. [PS3] Jikkyou Powerful Pro Baseball 2014 (Konami)  - 81.981 / NEW
03./00. [PS3] The Evil Within (Bethesda) - 59.388 / NEW
04./00. [PS4] The Evil Within (Bethesda)  - 59.204 / NEW
05./00. [PSV] Jikkyou Powerful Pro Baseball 2014 (Konami) - 50.836 / NEW
09./00. [PSV] Super Hero Generation # (Bandai Namco Games) - 16.802 / NEW
10./00. [PS3] Super Hero Generation # (Bandai Namco Games) - 12.566 / NEW
11./04. [PSV] Chaos Ring III: Prequel Trilogy (Square Enix) - 6.967 / / 19.402 (-44%) 

20./11. [PSV] DanganRonpa: Another Episode (Spike Chunsoft) - 2.132 / 98.528 (-35%)

That activity gave Vita and PlayStation TV combined sales a little boost back to near-"normal" levels, but its hardly inspiring and the downward average trend continues. I guess buyers wait for the new Phantasy Star Nova models, which seem to be Sony's only real drive for sales, aside from the girl gamer push. 

If you want a chuckle (or more of a deathly cough), PlayStation TV (795) is now outselling the Xbox One (613) in Japan, ouch!

Labyrinth of Grisaia visual novel trilogy could come west

Sekai' Projects' The Labyrinth of Grisaia is coming to PSP and the Vita in Japan next year, but it could also land in the west if this upcoming Kickstarter campaign is successful. The visual novel game, originally on PC, is set in a girl's school where the very first male student has just arrived, causing all sorts of shenanigans.

Certainly, one of the girls has access to a sniper rifle so I'm guessing lover's tiffs are high on the agenda. It is based on an anime currently on Crunchroll, and the game needs $40,000 per episode, with the plan being to get the whole trilogy translated, with physical copies as part of the plan.

This is a neat use of Kickstarter, and I'd like to see more western devs get support for Vita versions this way, beyond the usual indie projects. Seems like the only route left for moderate projects.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Tales of Hearts R gets an EU trailer

Subtitled, and the same basic intro you should all have seen in the preview. But hey, we're getting a Tales game dammit! And there's only a couple of weeks to go.

Its the biggest Vita release of the winter alongside Freedom Wars, so should get decent sales among the Vita community, but will it good enough to gain wider attention and perhaps get Bandai Namco to get the other Vita tales titles over here?

Live App now out for PS Vita, PlayStation TV

Sony's new Live App is go for the PS Vita, and at only 5MB won't dent your memory card. It lets PS Vita and PS TV users  watch live PS4 gameplay streams, watch livestreams that your friends are broadcasting and add your own comments as you keep up to date.

There's a bunch of restrictions for sub-accounts and regions, but that shouldn't cause too much hassle for most. You can watch Twitch and Ustream feeds, and log into each service to join in the chat. Now all I need is a PS4 to join in the fun.

Based on a quick play, it looks okay, rather neat. The search option is accessed by the tab on the left.  or you can sort by spectators, date and comments, which is less than helpful. Leaving any stream requires it to rebuffer, which is slower than on most other systems, I guess the Vita has less spare overhead. Guess that's the rest of my week sorted while waiting for Freedom Wars.

Vita and PlayStation TV firmware update 3.35 goes live

Grab it now for a video quality setting when using Remote Play, and support for up to four controllers for multiplayer on your PlayStation TV. The PS4 gets its own big v2.0 firmware update to bring additional features to the big console.

Frankly, if Sony feels the need to adjust video quality then it suggests that the feature is way less than perfect. Compromising on image quality isn't something that shouldn't be happening in 2014, but since the Vita's Wi-Fi hardware is probably four years old, I guess we're limited in what it can do.

That's one reason why I expect a PlayStation 4 Portable with a modern MIMO Wi-Fi part to really make remote play and HD streaming fly. Pack in a 1080p screen and all the DualShock 4's controls and it would make a credible device.

Freedom Wars reviews starting to pop up

In what is universally a bad sign, Sony has apparently delayed sending out review copies to sites. However, some folks are getting their copies early, and the game is out in the States today, reviews are starting to appear online.

I  expect the major sites to dole out their usual cynically-loaded reviews. But, if the true game players are having a bad time then I guess we know Freedom Wars isn't all it is cracked up to be. Perhaps the high concept, action focus could drown out the RPG elements, especially if folks only have a few hours/days to do a review.

On the other hand, if it manages to blend all its concepts well and doesn't confuse or bury players in endless guff and complexity, Sony could have a hit on its hands. Shame there's no bundle to try and shift some hardware, or a price cut to goose sales. Guess we'll find out soon enough. Let me know if you see any reviews going live. If anyone is playing it now, let the world know your first impressions!

Brash Games 8/10
TheSixthAxis 6/10
PocketGamer Silver
EuroGamer 5/10
IGN 8/10
Destructoid 8/10
GodisaGeek 7.5/10
Metro 6/10
Just Push Start 7/10
PlayStation Lifestyle 7/10
Hardcore Gamer 3.5/5
PlayStation Universe 8.5/10
DualShockers 8/10
PS Nation 9/10
NicheGamer 7.5/10
Dealspwn 4/10

Monday, October 27, 2014

Gung-Ho and 17-Bit sign publishing deal

Publisher GungHo has signed a deal with 17-BIT to promote and publish its future titles. 17-BIT is currently working on the shooter Galak-Z: The Dimensional for the Vita, PS4 and PC while GungHo helped bring the Dokuro and Ragnarok Odyssey to the west.

Check out the latest progress on the game here. Hopefully the deal should improve the profile of the indie team, boosting sales, and give it some financial space to ramp up its next efforts. Also, it would be good for GungHo to pick up some more western-based teams to expand out of its Asian-themed niche.

Will the Vita get a price cut for Christmas?

The Vita isn't selling well, that much the world knows. The Vita has few major games in development for it, don't think anyone can argue with that. Sony is still a company in deep financial trouble, despite sales of the PS4.

So, given all that, is it worth the company cutting the price of the Vita this year in time for the Black Friday, festive, New Year and other sales? Will some tens of thousands of extra units sold make much difference to the overall market? Without a big name game to sell it, will anyone even notice? 

Sony's previous price cuts don't seem to have made much difference and while Microsoft has started the ball rolling with an Xbox One price cut, Sony may be tempted to keep its margins higher on the better-selling PS4. Also, now Sony has PlayStation TV to sell, it might think it has its range and price points covered from sub-$100, then Vita and PS3 all the way up to the PS4. And, if it cuts the price of the Vita to $120-130, then that might dent PlayStation TV sales.
Adding all that together, I would be surprised if Sony did cut the price, except for perhaps a specific short-term period. Apparently selling just a couple of thousand a week in the States, Sony will be more keen on the a tiny profit from those, than losing money and trying to drive the user base, when traditional developers have already abandoned it. 

I'm not sure if using stock microSD cards would have helped the Vita's situation, but the proprietary memory cards certainly haven't helped. Having profited from them massively, perhaps Sony will finally cut those prices to sane levels, just for us loyalists? Thoughts welcome!

Wild Season gets a first trailer

Confirmed as coming to the Vita, the Kickstarted Harvest Moon inspired game from Quickfire has a first proper trailer showing off some of the characters, farming tasks and fun diversions like horse racing that should provide a terribly addictive experience.

Wild Season is a farming-life sim, borrowing from farming games, visual novels, and RPGs but delivering them with a twist. It gives players the chance to rebuild their farm to its former glory and beyond, befriend the townspeople and maybe find your one true love, and solve a hidden secret within the valley.

PS Vita UK chart, waiting for the storm

Over the next few weeks, the gaming charts will be torn to shreds by a torrent of new AAA releases. Except for the Vita which gets a smattering of new games, mainly Freedom Wars, Tales of Hearts R and the belated boxed release of Minecraft.

Until then, the current Vita chart snoozes on, with just a couple of reentries (LEGO Hobbit at no. 7) suggesting that anyone even buys Vita games anymore. Will the release of PlayStation TV jiggle things about a bit? Certainly, I expect quite a few complaints as unaware buyers pick up non-compatible games for it.

1 - FIFA 15 EA SPORTS (last week) 1 (weeks on chart) 5

Over Amazon, the usual suspects dominate the pre-order chart, with only LEGO Movie and The Muppets recently added. The most searched for term on the blog recently is "Vita games 2015" - I'm starting to wonder just how few results there will be, in a retail capacity.

Demon Gaze team's next RPG hits Japan in February

This mouthful of a title is out now on Xbox in Japan, but the improved Vita version will land early next year. It will put Demon Gaze fans right at home, with classic RPG action. I was never sure what the actual title (thanks autotranslate) was, but Siliconera informs us that it is: The Stranger of the Village of the Sword: The Black Palace. Which explains why my earlier stories were somewhat random.

This, Operation Abyss and the upcoming Demon Gaze 2 are hopefully all ripe for western releases after the success of the first DG title. Here's hoping! Some latest pics and details on the official page.

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Landing this week on PlayStation Vita, Freeeedoooommm

Freedom Wars leads the way this week, the big Vita original game hope of the year. Not that Sony want anyone to know that - I mean did you see an advert for it? Also, the video they're showing is nearly four months old, that's how little effort is going into marketing this game. Even the poorest indie developer tries to get a few new clips out before release.

Elsewhere, Poltergeist, Tiny Troopers, Unfinished Swan add a slick indie feel to things, but the best game of the week, probably Battle Isle on the PS4 - loved that series on the Amiga, would buy a PS4 for it, if I could afford one. Didn't even know it was coming, which is another impressive bit of Sony non-marketing.

Here's the US PSN drop page with all the details. The game lands on Friday in the UK, cause we're shit like that! On the plus side, Europe does get Die, Mr Robot from Infinite States.

God Eater 2 Rage Burst release date and new trailer

Its only a teeny tiny trailer, but it tells you all you need to know if you're a hard core God Eater, the latest update to the game will land on PS4 and Vita in Japan on Valentine's Day next year - the perfect present for that special monster-bashing person in your life.

A limited edition version will come with a headset, but I suspect Sony will be packing out some hardware bundles to try and lift Vita, and probably PS4, sales in the Spring. Bandai just wrapped its developer event showing off the game. To capture some more gamers who might not be eating their gods, the original GE2 title is going free for PlayStation Plus subscribers.

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Pyschedelia of the Black Butterfly messing with the Vita's mind in 2015

Idea Factory keeps pushing out the otome games to the Japanese faithful, but at least Pyschedelia of the Black Butterfly sounds a little bit interesting, and has some very cool looking characters. I didn't even know the game existed until diving through the distant future releases on Amazon Japan.

NLooks like it was announced at an Otomate event recently, where it looks like a bunch of PSP and PC games are coming to the Vita. Not sure what this tale is about and there's little western information that I can find, anyone know if this is as good as the title and imagery suggests? More cool pics here along with a little character information.

More than studying going on in Library Party

AriaSoft has a lot to answer for with this one, violating the sanctity of the library for another game packed with big-eyed cuties waving their pants at the boys, and each other. There's a site up with lots of very smiley characters, way too perky for my tastes.

Based on a recent PC game, it's a love adventure with characters to explore set around the school library, perhaps were literary tastes are one of the selection criteria. It is due out next February, and is unlikely to make western librarians worried.

Between this and the more adult-looking Psychedelia of the Black Butterfly, it looks like these otome games will form the backbone of Vita releases next year, unless major Japanese developers drop some news soon.

Phantasy Star Nova gets boxart, site update

With next to no hope of a western release, have a peek at the heavily update Phantasy Star Nova site, with Tri-Ace and Sega revamping the online game for an offline audience. Among the many pics and snippets of information via translation is the game's new box art which looks pretty smart.

In the game, your forces end up battling invading Gigantes, which have been the focus of the few gameplay clips. It still supports up to four players, but there's more of a focus on story and progress, rather than the endless leveling in Phantasy Star Online 2. With Sony giving the game heavy support with both PlayStation TV and Vita hardware bundles, perhaps this will help kick the Vita out of its slump.

See God Eater Rage Burst in Action at Bandai's dev event

Okay, this footage is off the PS4, but, hey, there's a Vita in the shot, so it counts right? It comes from a developer event where Bandai was discussing the game's new features and development approach to expanding the series. Basically the upshot of all that lot seems to be bigger fricking weapons, new skills and so on.

So, sit down for more monster mashing with a pair of players taking down the metally-winged-clawed beastie. I'm up for some of that on the Vita, if Bandai wouldn't mind bringing it west, its not like there's much Japanese to translate in this clip! The game is out this winter in Japan.

Muppets Movie Adventures gets boxed

Muppets is one of those games that is being sneaked to release under the radar, no screens, information, and only one video have been shown, when the title was announced at Gamescom. Even the final box art has only just turned up on Amazon a couple of weeks before release.

The game is coming from a studio, Virtual Toys, with limited indies and not much track record, which doesn't sound like a recipe for success. If you're willing to take a punt on this for the kids, good luck. It seems to revolve around the frog and his friends doing their own stunts via a range of mini-games.

Another Minecraft patch under construction

Poor old 4J Studios, no sooner had they got shot of the problematic Vita version of the game, but now they're still hard at work churning out the patches to get the game stable. A new v1.0.2 edition will be hitting home screens soon, adding the following improvements. On the plus side, downloadable content will soon be hitting the store to spruce up your log cabin, stone palace or metal throne!

  • Fixed a crash on saving a game after resetting the Nether.
  • Fixed an issue causing corrupt save data after Saving/Autosave and then quickly selecting Save and Exit. 
  • Fixed an issue with Save Transfer causing players to lose their inventory on re-loading the save. 
  • Fixed a graphical issue with the Nether Portal effect. 
  • Fix for Host Options settings not being saved after a Save Transfer. 
  • Enabled support for limited time 
  • Additional Content (Downloadable Content available for a limited time on the store).

Friday, October 24, 2014

Digimon gets sexy to appeal to older gamers

Bandai knows that the original players of the early Digimon games have grown up, so to keep them in the fold, the new Cyber Sleuth game has a slighty more attractive appeal to it, as shown in a bunch of new screens on the game's official site, but wow!

There's also a more mature musical score to listen to, with a slightly ambient theme tune, which is actually pretty listenable as background music in its own right.

As if the characters weren't sexy enough, the battles and monsters look pretty cool too. All part of the effort to distinguish it from the dreaded Pokemon I guess! Here's hoping its a big hit on launch next spring.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

PSN throwing sales about like the limbs of the undead

Wherever you are, you should be able to get a good bargain on your local PSN, with most stores having some kind of sale. In Euroland we have a Halloween sale with some vaguely scary games on the chop, with 10% or more off for PS Plus subscribers.


Alien Breed Was £6.49/€7.99/AU$11.95, now £2.49/€2.99/AU$4.55
Demon Gaze Was £32.99/€39.99/AU$59.95, now £15.99/€19.99/AU$29.95
Draw Slasher Was £3.99/€4.99/AU$7.55, now £2.49/€2.49/AU$4.55
Lone Survivor: The Director’s Cut Was £7.99/€12.99/AU$14.95, now £2.89/€3.49/AU$5.25
Silent Hill Book of Memories Was £24.99/€29.99/AU$39.95, now £6.99/€9.99/AU$14.95
Sumioni: Demon Arts Was £7.99/€9.99/AU$9.99, now £3.99/€4.99/AU$4.99
The Walking Dead: Season 2 – Ep.1 Was £3.99/€4.99/AU$7.55, now £2.49/€2.99/AU$4.55
The Walking Dead: Season Two – Season pass Was £15.99/€19.99/AU$29.95, now £7.99/€9.99/AU$14.95
The Walking Dead: The Complete First Season Was £14.99/€19.99/AU$24.95, now £5.79/€6.99/AU$10.45
Toukiden: The Age of Demons Was £29.99/€39.99/AU$47.95, now £14.99/€19.99/AU$24.95
Zombie Tycoon II: Brainhov’s Revenge Was £7.99/€9.99/AU$14.95, now £3.29/€3.99/AU$5.95

The US has Plants vs. Zombies and Dead Nation on-sale this week with more to come in future updates. There's also a US sale for all the Persona games, which every Vita owner should have.

Heroes' Fortress Bagooon goes free in Japan

Aquire is joining the Vita's free-to-play line up with Bagooon, a 2D card game with castle building elements and great big explosions as the enemies sweep through your lovingly crafted level. Looks fun, but with iOS and Android versions also coming, unlikely to take the Vitaverse by storm.

Hatsune Miku 2nd F western pre-orders

The U.S. is getting some fun-looking pre-orders when it comes to Miss Miku's boxed release of her second Vita outing. Anyone ordering from GameStop gets two in-game costume module packs for free – the Extra Character Pack containing Akita Neru, Yowane Haku, and Kasane Teto as well as Hatsune Miku’s Americana Module.

In Europe, the Amazon pre-order comes with the Americana Module Miku Costume. I'm sure a few other deals are out there.

Vita games on show at MCM London ComicCon

Comic Con comes to London this weekend, and there's a few Vita games among the movies and merch-fest. With Tales of Hearts R, LEGO Batman 3, Akiba's Trip and Danganronpa 2 on show. Check out the meaty PDF file for all the details.

Sony has a PS4 stand, no sign of the Vita, there's also Ubisoft on the floor, Konami, 2K and Koei. Both TT games and Namco have panels, explaining their craft and latest products, and there's bound to be some news and fun out of the show, alongside the comic village, a smattering of cosplay and all the other goodies including an indie corner.

A few tickets are still available for Saturday, plenty for Sunday and Friday. If you can't make this one, there's another across three days next May.

Sony giving Phantasy Star Nova the big push

Hoping to pick up fans from the core PSO2 series, Sony is going all out to promote Phantasy Star Nova to gamers with both PS Vita and Vita TV bundles in Japan. With cool boxes and decals (and also available in black), these look pretty sweet and Tri-Ace's game is going through a strong beta with plenty of feedback. There's also a message from the developers.

The offline-focused game is out in late November, and if this is Sony's only big push, along with the female-oriented pink model and games, then there's a lot resting on it to boost sliding sales. I suppose we live in hope of a western release, but not much!

Sony's 20th Anniversary PlayStation site kicks-off

Ahead of 20 years of PlayStation on December 3rd (gulp, as you realise how young you were at the start of all this), Sony Japan has popped up a celebratory site. There's a timeline through PlayStation history, and plenty more to come, with an anniversary PlayStation awards and plenty of blog posts

Check out the site, I guess the western version will follow soon, as there's little point in a 20th US, then European anniversary next September. Then again, given Sony's strange view of the world, it could drag this out for all-time up to the PS one's launch in 2000!

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Sony selling tickets for PlayStation Experience, Vita owners need not apply

As I've already suggested, if you're a Vita owner, don't bother wasting your money going to Sony's Las Vegas expo expecting anything for the handheld. Sony can't even be bothered to show the handheld in its new trailer for the event, which is probably going to be an awesome gamefest for PS4 owners. And why not, that's where Sony's profit comes from.

There are supposed to be new announcements at the 6/7 December event, with some teasing expected beforehand. But seriously, if Sony couldn't spend more than a minute on the Vita across its big three key-notes, there is nothing coming, ever, for the Vita from the lead studios. If there is one single game, then that's still not worth dragging our asses to a Las Vegas show for.

Rainbow Skies, sequel to Rainbow Moon, on the way

SideQuest and EastAsiasoft continue to do the Vita proud with a new episode in the enthralling saga of the Rainbow world, to come in 2015. Promising a much bigger world to explore and the ability to add monsters to your party, it looks quite the step up with a more exciting world to explore and lots of classic RPGing to enjoy.

Square's Chaos Rings III trilogy can't spike Vita sales

Two new entries in the top 10 can't help Vita sales much, with things looking pretty flat for the handheld as we approach the most important point of the year. Chaos Rings III only sold 20-40% of its stock according to Famitsu, and the Media Create chart makes pretty happy reading only for 3DS fans.

The latest Amnesia otome game managed just half the sales of the previous release, which doesn't look good either. Super Hero Generation and the latest Power Pro Baseball ship this week, which might have better luck.

01./01. [3DS] Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate # (Capcom) - 327.212 / 1.773.501 (-77%)
02./02. [3DS] Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS (Nintendo)  - 53.075 / 1.610.904 (-31%)
03./03. [3DS] Yo-kai Watch 2: Ganso / Honke (Level 5)  - 42.778 / 2.755.687 (-26%)
04./00. [PSV] Chaos Ring III: Prequel Trilogy (Square Enix)  - 12.436 / NEW
05./04. [PS3] Kingdom Hearts HD II.5 ReMIX (Square Enix) -11.215 / 117.309 (-47%)
06./06. [PS3] FIFA 15 # (Electronic Arts) - 4.462 / 20.612 (-72%)
07./00. [PSV] Amnesia Later × Crowd: V Edition (Idea Factory)  - 3.668 / NEW

More hapless beatings in Dengeki Fighting Climax

While I do like that Sonic background, there's only so much of these practice round clips I can take. Here, we get some of the support characters kicking undefended ass, as Sega shows off more of the Dengeki girls wielding their weapons.

Fighting Climax is out in three weeks in Japan (13 November), so maybe these videos will go away after that. Or the publisher might start showing some real action to get gamers excited.

UPDATE: Okay, from out of the blue, Sega has announced this is getting a digital release in Europe (boxed in the States) in Summer 2015, which is cool. The western pics make it look a lot better than the endless Japanese coverage, so perhaps it will be worth a shot.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Samurai Warriors 4 unsheaths for launch

Tecmo Koei has put up a load of art and a new trailer on the official site for this week's launch of Samurai Warriors 4. The game supports cross save between the PS4, PS3 and Vita versions, and looks like another highly stylish and effective slice of feudal Japan.

With a huge roster of characters, massive battles and detailed graphics, it'll be interesting to see how the Vita version stands up.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Kan Colle Kai the Vita's most wanted

Now that Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate is out, you'd think Famitsu's most-wanted list in Japan has a little more room for Vita games. But no, there's very little making big pinging noises on the radar, with Kan Colle Kai "This Ship Breaks", announced over a year ago, the top Vita hit.

Even reasonable big series like Phantasy Star and God Eater are way down the bottom of the list, suggesting that the Vita won't get much in the way of big sales at the critical end of this year. There's been no real update to the Kan Colle Kai site, although the date has moved to early 2015, so I wonder what the recent hype has been about it, can't say I've noticed anything.

Anyone seem something about it? All I know is its a naval fleet sim, probably with lot more characterization than any western effort would have. UPDATE: Apparently its based on a browser Flash game with over 2 million players.

1. [PS4] Final Fantasy XV – 670 votes
2. [3DS] Pokemon Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire – 603 votes
3. [PS3] Persona 5 – 526 votes
4. [PS3] Tales of Zestiria – 361 votes
5. [3DS] Final Fantasy Explorers – 368 votes
6. [3DS] Bravely Second – 351 votes
7. [PS3] Dragon Quest Heroes – 302 votes
8. [PS4] Kingdom Hearts III – 292 votes
9. [WIU] Super Smash Bros. for Wii U – 280 votes
10. [PS4] The Evil Within – 263 votes
18. [PSV] Kan Colle Kai – 170 votes
22. [PSV] Phantasy Star Nova – 130 votes
24. [PSV] God Eater 2 Rage Burst – 116 votes
26. [PSV] Persona 4: Dancing All Night – 113 votes
30. [PSV] Samurai Warriors Chronicle 3 – 102 votes

FIFA 15 still tops on Vita Chart

Akiba's Trip runs away from the high end of the Vita chart like a pantsied vampire and there's not much happening to replace it. There are re-entries for Pets and Ninjago (at 19) suggesting kids are picking up a few Vita's but sales must be tiny at that end of the chart.

1 - FIFA 15 EA SPORTS 1 4

Leisure software charts compiled by Chart Track, (C)2014 UKIE Ltd

Over on Amazon, there's not much shuffling among the best sellers, as we all wait for Freedom Wars and Tales of Hearts R.

Things are a little crazier on the Vita's own best-seller list with the full price Need for Speed somehow at the top. Who knows how that happened?

Bigben brings a bunch of board games to the Vita

A quick Monday morning peek at the ESRB lists produces a few new Vita games that might cheer up those of a logical, more relaxed, mind frame. There's a new Solitaire, Mahjong and Chess game heading our way, with a bundle.

Will they be as good as the spectacular Pure Chess, the many Mahjong games, but I don't think the Vita has Solitaire (unless its buried in PSM). No sign of a release date, so expect more news soon, nothing on the company site, so far.

Diabolik Lovers visual novel is quite the party

Diabolik Lovers Vandead Carnival is an update of the PSP visual novel, that got its own anime 12-part series. This is the second release in the series and hits Japan in December. It sees a girl, the Haunted Dark Bride (the subtitle of the first episode), uncover a mansion with six potential suitors. Meet the cast on this Sony Japan page and find out more on a Wiki page, There's mysteries to be revealed and multiple happy (or not so) endings to be enjoyed.

Friday, October 17, 2014

Race the Sun and Don't Die, Mr Robot dated for Vita

Race the Sun, the atmospheric looking flyer will hit the PS4, PS3 and Vita next week in Europe on the 22nd, running at a smooth 60fps on all formats. It adds in some exclusive content in the form of the Labrinthia world which is trickier but slower than the main game.

The idea of FlipFly's game is to keep up with the sun, as you solar-powered craft doesn't go well in the dark, and it looks suitably spartan.

Offering a little more levity is Don't Die, Mr Robot (formerly Avoid Droid), which lands the following week on the 29th with some fast-paced, fruity arcade action.

Fate/Hollow Ataraxia gets a new trailer (JP)

Hitting Japan at the end of November, Kadokawa and Type-Moon's Fate/Hollow Ataraxia comes with a very soulful theme song, for once, plus a limited edition on the way. It's all neatly captured in the latest trailer which is rapidly gaining views, suggesting it could be a decent seller for the Vita.

The game follows on from the Vita update of the PS2 RPG Fate/Stay Night. An off-shoot, Fate/Extra CCC graced the west thanks to Ghostlight, but it might be a stretch to get these over here. Still, we live in hope.

More themes appearing for free on PSN

In all the rush to enjoy Minecraft and the other recent games this week, you  may have missed the arrival of more free themes for the latest PS Vita firmware. So, grab them from the PSN Themes page and brighting up Vita's display with Tearaway and Uncharted the first two games to get the treatment.

Hopefully Japanese developers will brighten up their games with these, and if we're lucky enough to get them too, cool! It'd also be cool to see some FuturLab and other indie efforts to make this more than just another quirky, but underused feature.

Dengeki Fighting Climax finally gets an interesting trailer

After quite a few duds, this is more like it from the Sega team creating Dengeki's 20th anniversary brawler. We've got a bit of action going on, some cool and quirky moves from hoops-loving Tomaka Minato, a neat Sonic level background.

It is still a bit tutorial heavy, but the team definitely seem to be pushing a learn-before-you-buy approach.  Expect plenty more clips before the Japanese launch in November, there's the latest batch to go with this one over on Famitsu for Kirito, TsukasaNami Miyuki, Taiga Aisaka, Himehiiragiyukina, of Satomi RenTaro.

Enjoy a spot of Jaggy Racing on PSM

The flood of weird games makes it harder to spot anything interesting on Sony's PlayStation Mobile page. But here's one that landed on the store recently, Jaggy Race from Tiz777. A puzzle racer, it is a port of an iOS game but comes across well on the Vita with physical controls, is only £2.39 and well-rated.

Note, if you are a PSM developer, drop us a tweet so I can cover your game, its getting harder to find them out in the melee.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Live app coming to PS Vita in 3.35 firmware update

Hot on the heels of the pretty useful 3.30 update, comes another decent jump, all the way up to 3.35 for the Vita and PS TV, to go with the PS4's 2.0 major update. It will add various features including four-player Remote Play support to PS TV, so I guess you can have a gang of friends round with their own DualShocks.

Along with the behind-the-scenes stuff, the Vita will also get the new Live from PlayStation app, so they can watch live gameplay streams from lucky folk using their PS4 systems. No date for this yet, but it will come with more features, some interesting comments in the PS Blog piece.

BLASTR soon to non-violently confront Vita owners

Currently an intriguing-looking PC game in development in Australia, BLASTR will head to the Vita among other consoles via the porting power of Unity at some point in 2015. The student developers have put up a handy mock-up to show it will look, but I'm deeply tempted by the mix of arcade and puzzle action, which is best explained on the site, while you can follow progress on Twitter.

Dengeki Fighting Climax puts up no resistance

I'm still not 'getting' this game, as mentioned in the first trailer post. This clip still doesn't sell itself to me, why would anyone post a clip of a training session against a static opponent? It is hardly selling the best features of the game.

Still, we get to see a good repertoire of moves, but I think the animation is all a bit stilted. And, while the backgrounds are cute, it does all look rather tame compared to the western brawlers that have lit up the Vita. Sure, there's all the characters that Dengeki die-hards will love, but still not clicking for me.

Chaos Rings III gameplay action (possible spoilers)

After September's exquisite trailer, here's a gamer having a good play-through of Square's Chaos Rings III trilogy pack on the Vita. There could be spoilers, should this package ever make it west or if you plan on playing the iOS versions some time. Kind of reminds me that I should get back to playing FF-X for a while, but it was very heavy going. I wonder if this is a little lighter on the exposition?

Any fans impressed with this off-shoot, or is it more a case of Square padding out the roster with easy ports?

Game on for the set-top box sales battle

UPDATE: Sony recently slashed the price of PS TV, typical prices now $49/£49.

So, the battle is officially on for the living room gadget of choice. Google has just dropped the Nexus Player, shipping early November and Amazon's Fire TV should be an easy gift idea. Apple will join today (hopefully) with a radical update of the Apple TV, probably redesigned to bring iOS games to the big screen without the need for AirPlay from your iPhone (rendering this neat little chart totally out of date).

Which of these is most likely on your family's Christmas shopping list? They all have strengths and weaknesses, depending on what you want to use them for, and nothing is the "perfect" solution. Yes, Apple can stream games and content, but that's not "on" the device. What is clear is that the PS TV with the Vita's four-year old technology is starting to lag behind the newcomers, with buyers having cutting-edge expectations - or do you?

Things could (and should) change as more apps arrive for the PlayStation TV, but time is running short if it is to make a positive impression in the real world, now the marketing shine has been blown off. With incompatible games, limited media services, poor Remote Play network performance, things already seem grim. I'd also want to see just how much performance power the Nexus Player's Intel chip can put against the others.

There's also the likes of the Chromecast and other diminutive gadgets to consider in an increasingly crowded space by the TV. Just imagine if Sony had launched PS TV a year ago in the west? Just imagine a TV set with six HDMI ports!

Notes: Updated to correct some memory and storage details, an early version did list all media services, but looked ugly and repetitive! 

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Google's Nexus Player, another box to challenge the PlayStation TV

Sony can't or won't run the PlayStation TV as a proper set-top box. There's no Netflix at launch (or at all in Europe), with conflicting reports on if it will ever work. Add in no HBO, no iPlayer, etc, and it seems Sony only wants you to use its cack-handed Movies Unlimited service. Widening reports suggest its Remote Play feature isn't all that good, and its games roster is hampered by random incompatibilities or license restrictions.

Putting another boot on PlayStation TV's jugular comes Google's Nexus Player to join the crowded micro-STB market, launched alongside the latest Motorola-built Nexus 6 and a HTC Nexus 9 tablet, it is another effort by Google at the living-room market after the arse Google TV project. It will be available in early November. And, if Apple launches a gaming-enabled Apple TV today, then suddenly every box for your TV does games, and in a less fussy way than Sony's device.

The Nexus Player is a $99 sleek puck-style device with a small remote and an optional game controller ($39) for all those Android titles. It comes with 8GB of internal storage, unlike Sony's crippling memory card concept, and offers superfast 802.11ac Wi-Fi. It plays all the major media services and plays at 1080p. At least the total price is comparable to the US PS TV bundle, including memory.

Sony's only saving grace here is that Nexus Player will only be available from Google's own store. The difference is, millions of Android fans are aware of the device launch due to the interest in the phone and tablet. Sony's PS TV launch was barely registered by most of the tech sites.

Meet the ladies of Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;birth 2

Ahead of the early (physical and digital) 2015 launch, Idea Factory International has popped up a first set of English screenshots for Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth2: Sisters Generation! Meet the young ladies bringing order to the world of Gamindustri, which faces yet another crisis.

Everything looks suitably clean and hi-res, hopefully it'll run happily on PlayStation TV, as the grils battle to fight off the threat of ASIC.

Minecraft leads the way on Vita PSN update

Europe is already alive with the sound of tunnelling as the 260MB Minecraft title is downloaded at record speeds. Also out this week is Senran Kagura Shinovi Versus for this week's dose of scantily-clad Japanese ladies. Not quite as neat as the Japanese limited edition, but its here! Looks like we get sword-fighting game Nidhogg another time.

Check out this week's offers with Hatsune Miku, fresh from her American tour at a decent price and Urban Trials as an utter bargain!

Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA F (PS Vita)
Was £24.99/€29.99/$44.95, now £14.99/€17.99/$26.95
Additional 10% PS Plus discount

Urban Trial Freestyle (PS Vita)
Was £5.79/€6.99/$10.45, now £0.79/€0.99/$1.45

Ring Run Circus heads to PS Vita

Kalio, a developer from Uruguay is bringing its iOS arcade game to the Vita. An arcade puzzler, the circus-themed games sees the player guiding characters through linked rings to pick up the goodies on each level.

It looks fun with plenty of quirk and strategies to keep you on your toes. The game is currently with Sony for testing and should be out soon. The official site is here.

Monster Hunter slays Japanese chart

No prizes for guessing who's number one, which is likely to be there for some time. Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate sold around 1.6 million copies in just two days, Capcom announced ahead of the chart update later today. Add in downloads and that's probably over two million.

PS Vita games are sticking around the Media Create chart, with Danganronpa and Legend of Heroes 2 bothering the 6 figure mark:

8 Danganronpa Another Episode Spike Chunsoft this week: 7,184 total: 93,113
10 The Legend of Heroes II  Falcom 5,021 102,905 87
12  FIFA 15 Electronic Arts 14/10/09 4,253 New entry
18 Ar Nosurge Plus: Ode to an Unborn Star (Gust) - 3.157 / 12.398 

Nintendo announced the new model 3DS topped 230,000 units on the week. Lets see the new pink Vita or Value Packs match that! As if that wasn't "kerching enough", another version of Tokai Watch is due in December!

My money is still on a PlayStation 4 Portable to lure Japan into PS4 ownership that they can play on the move. Unsurprisingly, Vita hardware sales dived to below 10,000, losing almost 5,000 sales. Looking forward, here's some recent PS Vita scores from Famitsu, but there's nothing that should help sales match those big blue sales spikes at the end of last year in the chart:

Jikkyou Powerful Pro Yakyuu 2014 (PS3/Vita) – 9/9/8/9
Super Hero Generation (PS3/Vita) – 8/8/8/7
Puri Pia: Prince Pia Carrot (PSP) – 8/7/7/6
Divekick: Addition Edition (PS3/PSV) – 9/8/8/7
Chaos Rings III: Prequel Trilogy (PSV) – 8/8/9/8

Japan celebrating Ridge Racer 20th anniversary with PSN sale

Sure, we can only look on, unless you have a JP account. But, Namco and Sony have put together a sale of the PSP and Vita Ridge Racer games including some of the funky DLC, that I'm not sure we got? Certainly don't recall the Pac-Man or Idol cars on our PSN.

Hopefully the west will get a similar commemorative sale, although the Vita game is on-sale in the recent Games Under £8 deal for £6.49 in the Ultimate Edition if you want most of the content that's available.

Freedom Wars kicks off v1.20 PvP mode with new video

The new update for Freedom Wars is out in Japan, bringing it with a hefty dose of multiplayer PvP mayhem, Check out the new video celebrating these features, and then enjoy the thought that there's not long to go until the western release, which will hopefully have all these features bolted in at launch, rather than Sony dragging things out as DLC!

UPDATE: A Sony dev replied on Twitter that they are aiming to have this patch bolted into the game on day one, which sounds hopeful.

Note, the Amazon edition is now offering a pre-order "Rescue" additional content pack, with a costume, extra weapons and stickers. Not sure if other stores are offering different deals.

Unboxing madness for PlayStation TV

Since Sony won't market the PlayStation TV properly, I guess its down to the tech/gaming community, and there's been quite a few unboxing videos pop-up on YouTube. Here's one of the better ones, from a general perspective - the overall takeaway, its teeny!

I guess there were some sales, as Warren mentions the updates and downloads were going slow, suggesting a minor hammering of the PSN servers (although that could have been Minecraft downloading to every Vita owner). Still, I don't think we'll be hearing from Sony about a best-launch ever, since most of the world still doesn't know this thing exists.

I'll do an EU unboxing when the time comes, but since we don't even get a nice bundle, I guess it's not going to look half as visually stimulating as this big box! You can find a bunch more unboxings here.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Minecraft Vita suffering frame rate issues

Well that's a shocker! Having spent weeks in Q&A hell at Sony, the company finally passed the game. But, it looks like the 4J Studios conversion of Mojang's PC epic isn't totally optimised yet, as many early players of the US release are commenting on slow down (but not all the time) in the game.

UPDATE: The EU version of the game is now live, on the PSN website at least.

There's a Reddit thread, with a little of the specifics, and some folks on Twitter are seeing random crashes. Even those who saw the launch trailer mentioned pop-in graphics and chug when turning. Hopefully its patchable and not an issue with the general engine. Here's a gameplay video to help you judge. On the plus side, some folks note that levels load a lot quicker than on the PS3!

Europe finds out how bad, or not, the problem is tomorrow, I'm sure most of us can live with it, but don't get your knickers in a twist if the fan boys and trolls start chirping up on the forums. Let us know if you notice any specific issues.

PlayStation Now launches for US Vita, PS TV owners

Those lucky Americans not only get to play with PlayStation TV today, but the app for PlayStation now has also gone live. However, as its still in beta, expect variable performance from the service, and much complaining. That's down to Sony refusing to put up short or time-limited demos so people can see how it will work with specific games, despite repeated requests/demands since the first wave of the beta.

Based on Gaikai, the technology in theory lets you rent a game on PS4, carry on playing on the Vita, and back and forth. With the charges still looking excessive, it opens up the project to another raft of Sony's gamers, but given the constant negative feedback I've seen, I wonder if it'll really ever take off. 

Surely Netflix-style pricing (even if a little more expensive) would attract more users and those outside the PlayStation fold. Some more info on the Sony blog. Advertising is also an issue, as Sony has this awesome double whammy of a cheap console and near-endless games, but expect next to no marketing since PS Now is still in beta. 

Here comes the PlayStation TV media onslaught!

I joke of course, Sony's feeble launch of the Vita is likely to be under-whelmed, even by the might of the 700 game line-up for the PlayStation TV. So, instead, here's a YouTube video. I'm guessing only Sony fans will ever see this, so they should already know this stuff. The "simply amazing" tag could be read as I'd be simply amazed if anyone in the real world ever hears about PS TV!

If it ever makes it to a wider audience, please let me know. Really, what is Sony doing to promote its new budget box? To be fair, the advert shows off the Vita's big hitters, including Killzone and Final Fantasy, streaming movies and PS4 remote play, guess they couldn't quite fit Minecraft in there, but Fez will do. Play that a few hundred times on prime-time and it might generate some interest.

What games do you most want to play on a PlayStation TV?

What Vita games will play best on PlayStation TV?

That's a fun question to conjure with as I try and think how something will look blown up from a small OLED screen to a whacking great 32" or 40" plus screen thanks to PlayStation TV. The current leader of the pack has to be Killzone Mercenary with the improved scale making it easier to spot and aim at distant Helghast troopers.

A recent patch for the game adds improved DualShock controls and, as with most shooters, it really deserves the big-screen experience. In fact, I'm shocked Sony hasn't done a HD version as happened with a few Vita games (Assassin's Creed) to get it on PS4. Obviously, PS4 owners can scoff at my list and move on.

So, apart from the Vita's only major shooter, what else should look great moving on up from the small to the big screen? Interestingly almost every game I own on cart is currently incompatible, hmm! That minor detail aside, here's my little list, feel free to add your own suggestions in the comments:

  • Ridge Racer: Shallow, yes, but it does look gorgeous
  • Toukiden: Has the detail that most other monster hunters lack
  • Akiba's Trip: The world of Akiba deserves a peek on the big screen
  • Demon Gaze: Really want to see those dungeons on a big platform

And that's your lot really! Wonder if you really need to own a PS4 to get the most from the PlayStation TV, or have an immense interest in PSP and PSOne games.

Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment tops 400K worldwide

Its the old shipments vs sales conundrum here, as Bandai Namco announces the game has passed the 400,000 mark in "cumulative shipments", following its western release. With a sequel of sorts on the way in the form of Lost Song, who know how long this saga could keep running.

The game had sold 200,000 in Japan in 2013, so not sure how much of that translates to western shipments/sales, but it must be making an impression with the constant stream of extra content and updates. Haven't got this yet, but guess I should pick it up to be up with the in-crowd. Any impressions?

Monday, October 13, 2014

Ubisoft reveals Tetris Ultimate modes

Ubisoft has dropped some infoblocks on the upcoming Tetris Ultimate edition, a mid-priced update on the classic blockbuster game. It will offer six gameplay modes, one of which appears to be exclusive to the 3DS with fun features and unique visuals that allow 1–4 players to face off:

  • Marathon – Complete level 15 and rack up as many points as you can.
  • Endless – Keep clearing lines until your stamina runs out!
  • Ultra – Race to score as many points possible before time runs out in this three-minute challenge.
  • Sprint – Clear 40 lines as quickly as you can.
  • Battle – Go head-to-head to knock out 1-4 challengers.
  • Battle Ultimate – Be the last person playing after using crazy power-ups! Go on the offensive with Carousel and make your opponent’s Well shift to the left after each move, or trigger Let it Rain and dump garbage down on top of them. Buzz Saw helps you out by clearing away a number of your lines, especially useful when you’re in a spot of trouble. 

*3DS Only* Challenge – With four mode variants, be prepared for a variety of challenges that will put any player’s determination to the test:

  • Master - The Tetriminos drop instantly and appear at the bottom.
  • Rotation Lock – The orientation of the Tetriminos are random and you cannot rotate them.
  • Escalation – As the game levels up, you’ll have to clear more lines
  • Invisible – The Tetriminos become invisible as they drop to the bottom.

Is it really worth the time and effort for a portable exclusive feature? Guess Tetris still resonates strongly with Nintendo, given how it helped sell the original Gameboy.

Stripping sells as Akiba's Trip rips up the UK Vita chart

Oddly enough Akiba's Trip is most annoying game I've reviewed in a while on the Vita. Not because it isn't fun, but because of the poor fighting mechanic. Still, the rest of the game is a bit of quirky blast and its clearly attracting buyers as it hits No. 2 on the UK's Vita retail chart.

Not much action elsewhere. It didn't make the all-formats top 40, so actual sales are probably pretty tiny. The PS3 version only managed to hit 23 in that format's chart. See the latest trailer if you want to know what the big deal is. Last week's new entry, Natural Doctrine has dropped straight out of the chart.

1 - FIFA 15 EA SPORTS 1 3

Leisure software charts compiled by Chart Track, (C)2014 UKIE Ltd

Over on Amazon's Best Sellers, Akiba's barely makes the top 20, while Minecraft is still tops even though the physical version won't be out for a month after the download edition. FIFA 15 is in second for the long haul, while pre-orders for Tales of Hearts R and Freedom Wars continue to see them stick high up in the chart. Beyond November and Hatsune Miku and Arcana Hearts 3, things look very bleak indeed.

Saturday, October 11, 2014

PlayStation Experience: A crap one for Vita, guaranteed

Seriously, having been let down at every major games keynote and press event for two years, don't expect a bean for the Vita that doesn't have the word "indie" or "made in Japan" on it. December's PlayStation Experience, a community event unlike previous Destination PlayStation press events is for the fans, but Vita fans will probably be as welcome as herpes.

While the blurb may promise a look at new games for 2015, Sony has shown time and time again that the Vita is dead to it as a big game machine. That leaves the event in Las Vegas as a PS4 fest with the weiners coughing up $50 to attend being fed Destiny updates, Assassin's Creed and other goodies.

Any Vita owner optimistically turning up will probably be sat with the rest of the mutants at table 9, and given something with oversize pixels to stare at and a discount voucher for a PS4. Even if the PlayStation TV takes off with mega sales, it will be far too late for Sony to start making games anytime soon. 

If pigs fly, or miracles happen, then I guess Shenmue HD (with help from one of Sony's few third-party Vita pals at Sega) or a new Guerrilla or Bend Studios game could lighten the mood, but in reality? Despite reports of them still hiring for Vita development, any major project seems unlikely. 

Friday, October 10, 2014

Akiba's Trip new trailer shows off fighting and costumes

Check out the review, as the game hits UK stores. But its hard not like a game where you can beat people up dressed as a bear or armed with a motherboard. Here's a new trailer showing off just some of the things you and your team can get up to the liven up the quest of beating the undead to a pulp and nicking their trousers!

HyperDevotion Noire: GODDESS BLACK HEART heads west

Are you too dimensional for the HyperDimension games, then how about HyperDevotion Noire: GODDESS BLACK HEART which is headed to western Vita consoles in early 2015! The Idea Factory game is the first strategy RPG in the Hyperdimension Neptunia series, in a whole new world called "Gamarket".

The CPUs of each of the four nations are locked in heated battle against one another for dominion over this world. Just as Noire is one step away from complete domination, the CPUs are suddenly robbed of their powers by an unknown force. Now in order to save the world from destruction, the four CPUs must unite Gamarket and defeat the onslaught!

Key Features

  • A Moe Army Awaits! You ain't never seen the CPUs like this! Lead them in their first-ever foray into strategy RPG gameplay, taking on enemies in a whole new way. You'll fight off hordes of enemies in turn-based strategy, dodging laser beams and flaming pits, and using dangerous environments against your enemy.
  • Link up with the "Lily System" The more often characters are in battle together, the higher their bond becomes. Activating the "Lily Boost" grants special stats and abilities, while "Lily Points" can be used to activate ultra-special moves and even goddess transformations. Don't be shy to build up those battle relationships and seal it all with a kiss!
  • Check your Status! All kinds of funky things can happen in the heat of battle and characters can be hit with status ailments that are both boon and burden. You can get pixelated, zombie-fied, or even turned into a block of tofu! Some status changes come with their own benefit and cost, so keep this in mind during a fight.
  • Item Customization! You'll get tons of replay value with so many ways to boost your gear's stats! The more enemies you defeat, the more items you can get to customize your gear in whatever way you see fit. Let the great experiment begin!
  • Livin' the Noire Life! Life's not all about grid-based battles. Sometimes Noire just wants to relax at home, and with the "Sim Noire" mode you'll be able to do just that! Customize the place by buying furniture and accessories with in-game points, and make Noire feel like the goddess she is. She'll also get to go out with friends and build up her social level!

Here's a peak at the Japanese original in action:

Last Inua gets a gameplay trailer

To celebrate the game getting a Steam Greenlight nod, Wired and Glowforth is showing off some alpha footage of the upgraded iOS game which is destined to appear on Vita at some point. Looks pretty spectacular with bags of icy atmosphere.

Last Inua tells the tale of an Inuit family’s fight for survival against a fearsome demon and the harsh elements of the mythical Arctic. Guiding Hiko, his physically weak but gifted son through the mythical world, Ataataq will need to rely on his brute strength to overcome many obstacles. Hiko, although more fragile than his father, carries with him supernatural abilities and magical skills that exceed the physical powers of his father.