Sony's financials, Vita steady at the bottom

Now the PSP numbers are consigned to history, we can see how Sony is doing on Vita sales, no more hiding behind silly math. Overall, the company is still losing income, burning another three-quarters of a billion dollars. Also, so much for Sony's claims that the PS4 was giving the Vita a sales boost!

The company is shipping 700,000 Vita and PS TV units a quarter according to its latest report, which is steady over the course of the last 18 months. However, with the biggest Christmas quarter just starting, where it managed to ship around two million units last year, it does have a chance to make an impact.

The games division managed a tidy profit going into its most important season, driven by great PS4 sales. Will the launch of PlayStation TV in the west have any impact, guess we'll find out soon enough? I'll break down the Japanese sales figures and try to work out rest-of-the-world numbers soon.