Another Minecraft patch under construction

Poor old 4J Studios, no sooner had they got shot of the problematic Vita version of the game, but now they're still hard at work churning out the patches to get the game stable. A new v1.0.2 edition will be hitting home screens soon, adding the following improvements. On the plus side, downloadable content will soon be hitting the store to spruce up your log cabin, stone palace or metal throne!

  • Fixed a crash on saving a game after resetting the Nether.
  • Fixed an issue causing corrupt save data after Saving/Autosave and then quickly selecting Save and Exit. 
  • Fixed an issue with Save Transfer causing players to lose their inventory on re-loading the save. 
  • Fixed a graphical issue with the Nether Portal effect. 
  • Fix for Host Options settings not being saved after a Save Transfer. 
  • Enabled support for limited time 
  • Additional Content (Downloadable Content available for a limited time on the store).