Kan Colle Kai the Vita's most wanted

Now that Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate is out, you'd think Famitsu's most-wanted list in Japan has a little more room for Vita games. But no, there's very little making big pinging noises on the radar, with Kan Colle Kai "This Ship Breaks", announced over a year ago, the top Vita hit.

Even reasonable big series like Phantasy Star and God Eater are way down the bottom of the list, suggesting that the Vita won't get much in the way of big sales at the critical end of this year. There's been no real update to the Kan Colle Kai site, although the date has moved to early 2015, so I wonder what the recent hype has been about it, can't say I've noticed anything.

Anyone seem something about it? All I know is its a naval fleet sim, probably with lot more characterization than any western effort would have. UPDATE: Apparently its based on a browser Flash game with over 2 million players.

1. [PS4] Final Fantasy XV – 670 votes
2. [3DS] Pokemon Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire – 603 votes
3. [PS3] Persona 5 – 526 votes
4. [PS3] Tales of Zestiria – 361 votes
5. [3DS] Final Fantasy Explorers – 368 votes
6. [3DS] Bravely Second – 351 votes
7. [PS3] Dragon Quest Heroes – 302 votes
8. [PS4] Kingdom Hearts III – 292 votes
9. [WIU] Super Smash Bros. for Wii U – 280 votes
10. [PS4] The Evil Within – 263 votes
18. [PSV] Kan Colle Kai – 170 votes
22. [PSV] Phantasy Star Nova – 130 votes
24. [PSV] God Eater 2 Rage Burst – 116 votes
26. [PSV] Persona 4: Dancing All Night – 113 votes
30. [PSV] Samurai Warriors Chronicle 3 – 102 votes