Enjoy a spot of Jaggy Racing on PSM

The flood of weird games makes it harder to spot anything interesting on Sony's PlayStation Mobile page. But here's one that landed on the store recently, Jaggy Race from Tiz777. A puzzle racer, it is a port of an iOS game but comes across well on the Vita with physical controls, is only £2.39 and well-rated.

Note, if you are a PSM developer, drop us a tweet so I can cover your game, its getting harder to find them out in the melee.


  1. This game would be my first psm title that I buy, but I can't load it on FW 3.18 :( Maybe later.

    1. Hi!

      Your comment is really encouraging! Many Thanks :)

      Do you were able to load it in the mean time? If not, please could you tell me more about the issue on FW 3.18 or send me a screenshot of the error? Here is my email tiz@tiz777.com or Twitter @Tiz777

      That would help a lot solving this problem!

      Thank you,


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