Vita and PlayStation TV firmware update 3.35 goes live

Grab it now for a video quality setting when using Remote Play, and support for up to four controllers for multiplayer on your PlayStation TV. The PS4 gets its own big v2.0 firmware update to bring additional features to the big console.

Frankly, if Sony feels the need to adjust video quality then it suggests that the feature is way less than perfect. Compromising on image quality isn't something that shouldn't be happening in 2014, but since the Vita's Wi-Fi hardware is probably four years old, I guess we're limited in what it can do.

That's one reason why I expect a PlayStation 4 Portable with a modern MIMO Wi-Fi part to really make remote play and HD streaming fly. Pack in a 1080p screen and all the DualShock 4's controls and it would make a credible device.