Here comes the PlayStation TV media onslaught!

I joke of course, Sony's feeble launch of the Vita is likely to be under-whelmed, even by the might of the 700 game line-up for the PlayStation TV. So, instead, here's a YouTube video. I'm guessing only Sony fans will ever see this, so they should already know this stuff. The "simply amazing" tag could be read as I'd be simply amazed if anyone in the real world ever hears about PS TV!

If it ever makes it to a wider audience, please let me know. Really, what is Sony doing to promote its new budget box? To be fair, the advert shows off the Vita's big hitters, including Killzone and Final Fantasy, streaming movies and PS4 remote play, guess they couldn't quite fit Minecraft in there, but Fez will do. Play that a few hundred times on prime-time and it might generate some interest.

What games do you most want to play on a PlayStation TV?