Freedom Wars reviews starting to pop up

In what is universally a bad sign, Sony has apparently delayed sending out review copies to sites. However, some folks are getting their copies early, and the game is out in the States today, reviews are starting to appear online.

I  expect the major sites to dole out their usual cynically-loaded reviews. But, if the true game players are having a bad time then I guess we know Freedom Wars isn't all it is cracked up to be. Perhaps the high concept, action focus could drown out the RPG elements, especially if folks only have a few hours/days to do a review.

On the other hand, if it manages to blend all its concepts well and doesn't confuse or bury players in endless guff and complexity, Sony could have a hit on its hands. Shame there's no bundle to try and shift some hardware, or a price cut to goose sales. Guess we'll find out soon enough. Let me know if you see any reviews going live. If anyone is playing it now, let the world know your first impressions!

Brash Games 8/10
TheSixthAxis 6/10
PocketGamer Silver
EuroGamer 5/10
IGN 8/10
Destructoid 8/10
GodisaGeek 7.5/10
Metro 6/10
Just Push Start 7/10
PlayStation Lifestyle 7/10
Hardcore Gamer 3.5/5
PlayStation Universe 8.5/10
DualShockers 8/10
PS Nation 9/10
NicheGamer 7.5/10
Dealspwn 4/10