Minecraft Vita suffering frame rate issues

Well that's a shocker! Having spent weeks in Q&A hell at Sony, the company finally passed the game. But, it looks like the 4J Studios conversion of Mojang's PC epic isn't totally optimised yet, as many early players of the US release are commenting on slow down (but not all the time) in the game.

UPDATE: The EU version of the game is now live, on the PSN website at least.

There's a Reddit thread, with a little of the specifics, and some folks on Twitter are seeing random crashes. Even those who saw the launch trailer mentioned pop-in graphics and chug when turning. Hopefully its patchable and not an issue with the general engine. Here's a gameplay video to help you judge. On the plus side, some folks note that levels load a lot quicker than on the PS3!

Europe finds out how bad, or not, the problem is tomorrow, I'm sure most of us can live with it, but don't get your knickers in a twist if the fan boys and trolls start chirping up on the forums. Let us know if you notice any specific issues.