Tuesday, December 30, 2014

The PS Vita in 2015... brighter than I'd thought

With Bandai dropping a few big names at the end of the year, 2015's Vita line up isn't as bad as I'd feared just a few months back. Sure it's not gleaming with stellar releases, but that was never going to happen.

Instead take a look at what we will be playing on the release list. There's plenty of adventures in the form of Grim Fandango, Day of the Tentacle from Disney, plus Telltale's take on Game of Thrones and Tales from the Borderlands. Expect plenty more LEGO branded fun including the new Ninjago game plus whatever else some sturdy western developers can port over.

On the big name front, it looks like Resident Evil 2 Revelations is the limit of Sony's ambition, but Bandai is really stealing the show with One Piece Pirate Warriors 3 and the latest J-Stars brawler. Also direct from Japan will be more Neptunia fun, Stein's Gate, which I look forward to immensely and further adventures in Toukiden.

The little tease of a likely Vita release for Gravity Rush 2 (surely a PS4 lead though) is also pretty good news. Throw in the odd gem of an indie here or there, and perhaps one or two games that Sony and partners have up their sleeves and I'm quite looking forward to 2015.

On the worrying side, Sega seems to be very quiet over western activity and it looks like we've lost Milestone, so if any dev wants to pick up the car/bike racing genre, please dive in. As for new hardware, I live in hope for the PlayStation 4 Portable, but not much else. Your thoughts welcome!

Monday, December 29, 2014

Minecraft sticks to the top of the UK Vita chart

The top four remain unchanged on the Vita UK chart as Minecraft continues to dominate sales. At the bottom of the end of year chart, there's a load of reentries as new Vita buyers pick up a few games from the stores. Sony's Freedom Wars continues to lag the big game trend while Warner should be happy with the long-legged LEGO sales.

1 - Minecraft: Playstation Edition Sony 1 7
2 - Fifa 15 EA Sports 2 14
3 - Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham Warner 3 7
4 - Killzone: Mercenary Sony  4 69
5 + LittleBigPlanet Marvel Superhero Edition Sony  6 5
6 + Tearaway Sony  9 58
7 + Assassin's Creed III Liberation Ubisoft 8 110
8 + Uncharted: Golden Abyss Sony 11 144
9 - The Lego Movie Videogame Warner 5 43
10 - Lego Marvel Super Heroes Warner 7 58
11 + The Ratchet & Clank Trilogy Sony 15 26
12 + Borderlands 2 2k Games 14 31
13 + The Muppets Movie Adventures Sony 20 4
14 Re Football Manager 2014 Sega - 33
15 - LittleBigPlanet Ps Vita Sony 13 117
16 Re Lego The Hobbit Warner  - 16
17 + Freedom Wars Sony 18 9
18 Re Hatsune Miku: Project Diva F 2nd Sega - 3
19 Re Metal Gear Solid Hd Collection Konami - 84
20 Re Fifa 14 EA Sports - 52

Monday, December 22, 2014

Namco shows off five minutes of Digimon at Jump Festa

While Bandai has announced a couple of its Japanese Vita games coming west, still no news on the likes of Digimon Cyber Story which gets a lengthy outing at the Jump Festa event. The game does look quite a step up from previous editions with some gnarly bosses and there seems to be more calls for this to come west than some of the other titles headed our way. What would you prefer to play?

Trails in the Sky being revamped for the Vita

One of the PSP's most popular RPGs will get a makeover for the Vita thanks to Falcom as the Legends of Heroes series soldiers on. The first version came west thanks to Ghostlight in Europe and XSeed in the States, back in 2011, hopefully one of them will pick this version up.

With updated graphics and voice track, get ready for another run through the adventure, or enjoy it for the first time in 2015. Wonder if it'll be based on the PC version (video below) or a dedicated port?

UPDATE: Xseed is registering sites left, right and centre for its upcoming games, with one of the being Legend of Heroes and another for Corpse Bride, so look for big things from the publisher this year.

Bandai bring the big names in 2015

Bandai is now the biggest supporter of the Vita globally, bringing some of the star names from Japan west in 2015. Both One Piece Pirate Warriors 3 and J-Stars Victory VS+ will hit PS Vita, PS3 and PS4 as Bandai Namco covers most of its bases, releasing across all PS formats.

That still leaves God Eater and a host of other the publisher's titles out in the cold, but at least we have some big name games to look forward to besides Resi Revelations! The news was announced overnight in a Jump Festa event, hopefully more announcements to come soon, especially if there's a God Eater anime coming that could come west.

Friday, December 19, 2014

An early look at One Piece: Pirate Warriors 3

This first look at Pirate Warriors 3 in action, most likely PS4 shots, judging by the details. Still, here's roughly what we should be getting on Vita at some point in 2015, assuming Bandai gets the game, developed by Tecmo's Omega Force, over here.

There was a trailer released a few months back, with the game due out in March, but for such an ambitious looking project, I wouldn't be surprised if there was a delay.

Resident Evil trailer shambles on to the Vita

After almost a year of will it/won't it, we finally got confirmation that Resident Evil Revelations 2 will lurk onto the Vita next February back at PlayStation Experience. Capcom has released a first trailer of the games rendered intro. Its not much to look at, but hey, Resident Evil on a PlayStation portable platform, finally! Its only been 10 years, so yay for that.

Set between RE5 and 6, it puts us in the boots of Claire Redfield and her sizable arsenal for some episodic arse kicking. Not sure of the Vita version (which Sony is publishing) will hit the same launch date as the others, or if it'll manage the co-op gameplay, but here's hoping.

UPDATED: The original video went private for some reason, here's another one!

Hyperdimension Neptunia U Action Unleashed hitting up western Vitas

Idea Factory continues its onslaught of western releases for the Hyperdimension girls with the new "U" title subtitled Action Unleashed coming our way in 2015. In this game, the girls of Industri try their hand at 3D combat, which may or may not be a good move.

We have the first trailer and some Japanese screenshots to celebrate the news. This follows hot on the hells of the announcement of Hyperdevotion Noire coming west.

Features include:

 Street brawling! For the first time ever, your favorite Neptunia characters will have to hack ‘n’ slash their way through waves of enemies in real time! In the free-roaming stages, you’ll get to create chain combos both on the ground and in the air.

Two-person party! With the Dual System, you’ll be able to switch between two characters on the battlefield. Balance out each character’s strengths and weaknesses to create the ultimate battle duo, and even get some new playable characters – some of whom might be familiar from previous Neptunia games.

Let’s get physical! The heat of battle can cause some wear and tear on your outfits. When you experience a “Costume Break,” your outfits will tear.

Review: Resogun

Having said "it can't be done!" when the game launched on the PS4, here comes Housemarque's Resogun on the Vita and PS3 thanks to Climax Studios. Sure, they've chopped the frame rate down to 30fps, but guess what, that has no effect on its playability. Yes, the graphics (or the text for that matter) doesn't look quite so crisp, but that has no effect either.

Instead we have a classy looking arcade game with demolition and destruction around every corner. With three ships initially at your disposal, Nemesis, Ferox and Phobos, you roam around the curved landscape, trying to rescue humans Defender-style from the aliens, while trying not to be wowed by the vast destruction and wondering if they let some junior apprentice design the rather primitive baddies.

With the odd nod to Super Stardust, notably in the end-of-level giant baddies, it feels immediately familiar to play with tight controls of whichever ship you play as. The soundtrack is great, but only through headphones, the Vita's speakers really don't do the audio justice, but most of the effects are really bland however you listen.

Most of the fun comes from diving in and out of the waves of enemy fighters, blasting them with the dual stick controls. You sometimes wonder how you came out of some scraps as instinct takes over and the screen fills with enemies. But, if things get too hectic the bombs, boost and overdrive buttons will come to your rescue, letting you unleash some of your own mayhem. The later two are charged up by collecting the detritus of the baddies and building up the score multiplayer which is the key to getting up the online leaderboards.

With arcade and single level modes, plus online co-op to add to the fun, Resogun does look impressive but some weak design choices don't make it stand out among the Vita's crowded roster of top shooters. There's a few things I don't get. Why do some aliens move above the top of the game zone? If you're following them, you can get trapped up top by other waves, or blow your multiplier as they become unkillable, it seems an odd feature.

Then there's the feeble alien design, and I'm still not sure what made them think throwing rescued humans was a good idea, it just distracts you (and sometimes gets you killed). And the total lack of the PS4's DLC - surely that could have been bolted on if we're paying £10 for a port?

So, there's loads of good in Resogun, but I'm not sure why it was hyped as the best shooter ever, except for lack of choice at the PS4's launch, It isn't quite as tight or good as Super Stardust, and not as slick as TxK, Velocity 2X and a few of the other Vita killer killer apps!

Score: 7/10
More reviews
Price: £9.99
Dev: Climax/Housemarque
Progress: Lost in the zone

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Minecraft Story Mode from Telltale Games

Having gone to all the trouble of bringing Minecraft to the Vita, and it selling really well! And the fact that Telltale seems happy to support Sony's handheld, I'd guess this could be headed our way, a new tale from Mojang and everyone's favourite digital story tellers.

Minecraft Story Mode is a standalone adventure based in the blocky world, with a narrative-driven episodic adventure for PlayStation consoles, PC, Mac, iOS, and Android-based devices.

Retro City Rampage dev touts Vita as growth platform

In an inciteful state of the market post for how Retro City Rampage has performed in various markets, VBlank cites the Vita as a valuable platform for developers.
PS VITA has been a very healthy market which is completely counter to the misappropriated console's stigma as a failure. With less AAA competition, it's easier to get store placement and store placement is what sells games. Over the past two years, sales on PS VITA have become proportionately higher than PS3. PS4 proves healthy as well. PlayStation developers releasing games in 2015 should prioritize PS4 followed by PS VITA.

Interestingly, a PSP version was in the works at one point. Hopefully, all the number crunching means the next game from the Studio will also hit the Vita, once they've ported RCR to every platform on the planet!

Hyperdevotion Noire: Goddess Black Heart battle trailer

The girls from Industri are getting ready to battle it out with a new batch of enemies in their first venture into strategy gaming. The Hyperdevotion Noire: Goddess Black Heart trailer from Idea Factory shows off some of the tactical maps, laden with tricks and traps, and some of the funky battle moves they have at their disposal as they battle to win the Gamarket?

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

God Eater 2 Rage Burst getting flexible demo, new video

Bandai Namco is ramping up for the next installment of God Eater early next year. For a start, there will be a new demo, the data of which will carry over to the full game. Players can also use the same data across PSP/ Vita and PS4. They did drop this neat new cinematic trailer.

Finally, there will be a big fifth anniversary event on the 4th Feb, with news on the anime and perhaps some new projects from the team.

Week 50 in Japan, Vita selling 25,000 easy

As the Vita version of Minecraft hits 100,000 sales on the Japanese PSN, we look to the boxed copy sales to give the format a lift in Japan as it struggles to beat last year's highs. Sales according to Media Create are up a little on last week to just over 25,000, keeping them high but nothing like the stellar impact of FFX last year.

On the other hand, with no new games out, that's a decent figure. The PS4 manages to roar into life with 68,000 sales on the back of a GTA V bundle, but the 3DS remains king with 150,000 across the various versions.

The Vita is now only 10K ahead of last year's figures so will likely end up slightly down on the year. While there's lots of good stuff for Japan next year, looks like it will take nothing less than a full-on Monster Hunter game to lift the Vita above 1.1 million sales which it has managed in each of the last two years. Overall, Vita is approaching 3.5 million lifetime Japanese sales.

On the software side, there's no new Vita games out, with only Phantasy Star Nova skulking around the bottom of the charts. It should just keep into 150,000 territory before vanishing.

18./10. [PSV] Phantasy Star Nova (Sega) - 10.117 / 137.263 (-49%)

Review: Final Horizon

Fancy a spot of highly-focused tower defence with your seasonal gaming? Then Final Horizon fits the bill pretty well. There goes mankind, rushing off into deep space to colonise some new worlds, and look here comes a nasty arachnid race to punt us back into oblivion. Premise set, off we go with the humans needing help across a series of solar systems, planets and moons.

Each provides a tightly scripted battle with only a few units to place and a few bases to drop them on, so each level is about figuring out the right strategy and letting the sentry guns, missiles, aerial bombardments and other systems do their job to mince up the advancing spiders and their allies.

You need to get the right balance between power units to drive your weapons, and defensive kit to keep the hordes at bay. Energy is also used to repair bases, so a steady supply is your first priority. Once your base is set you only need to wipe out a fixed amount of invaders. Do the job and its on to the next level.

To spice things up you get to use of some of the weapons from the orbital Firestrike system to the big guns of the Strikeback cannon. This changes the perspective and puts you neatly into the action for a short while.

For some more longevity, there's scoring rounds and leaderboards, so you can play some traditional tower defence, but within the limits of the main game, that feels rather limited. There's also some extra DLC missions to grab, in the Dark Galaxy pack, if you really love the game.

With great weapon and bug design, this has a slight feel of the Atari revamped Battlezone on PC, but being bolted down to fixed defensive points really grated after a while. Hopefully there will be a sequel, if it sells enough and Eiconic will expand the game. Certainly each battle is finely pitched, if not exactly a fierce battle.

There are some fine touches, the world preview screens can be spun around to take a look at the gorgeous planets, and its fun to go back through the campaign missions and tidy up any objectives you missed.  Then there's some fluffs, like who gives out stacks of trophies in the VR training mode? That seems pretty pointless and the game itself offers little hardcore challenge until the bosses turn up, when everything goes rock hard.

Between those mega-challenges, there's plenty of fun in managing your meager resources, upgrading and strategising. Playable either on the trouchscreen or with the buttons, Final Horizon is a neat game with some good design, and some spots of hectic play, but a little more ambition could have easily made it a 9.

Score: 7.5/10
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Price: £7.99
Dev: Eiconic
Progress: Now arachnaphobic

Review: Rock Boshers DX

Another Vita upgrade with a DX bolted on the title, and do you know what, I have no idea why? But, let's not worry about that. Rock Boshers DX pays homage to the Spectrum era of simple gameplay and blotchy graphics.

From the Speccy loading screen to the dinky hero, everything is small but perfectly formed and the gameplay is tight but fun. The adventure sees a young Queen Victoria trapped on Mars while enslaved minions worry about food and cheese! The DX upgrade provides Cross Buy on the PS4, trophies and Cross Save, plus online leaderboards. But will you want this on a big screen? The small version certain looks good enough.

The action sees you dual stick moving-and-shooting Her Maj around the levels, completing tasks for some helpful folk to gain access to keys, guns, health and other goodies. Each level is a short dash of logic with a spritzer of panic as you try and avoid the zombies and other threats. There's lots of little hidden extras to collect for completeness sake that adds to the challenge of each level.

Although it looks deliberately primitive, certainly compared to Aqua Kitty, I prefer this more for its charm, quirky story and slightly devious nature. Given its unashamedly retro-nature, you might think this will be over in minutes, but there's plenty of challenge too with a bunch of extra arcade games and some genuine replayability!

Score: 8/10
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Price: £4.49
Dev: TikiPod
Progress: Now a Rocky fan

Switch Galaxy Ultra switches on today

Switch Galaxy is another graduate from the PlayStation Mobile school of gaming, coming full fat to gamers this week (next week in the US). With slip-sliding-on-rails action, it has all new art, a deep looking playfield, and a lot of nods to WipEout, which is no bad thing.

Check out the Atomicom Twitter feed for some recent cool screens, and get ready to race,

Operation Abyss heads west as Japan gets a sequel

NIS America is bringing Operation Abyss to western Vita owners in spring 2015. Now called Operation Abyss: New Tokyo Legacy, it will be available as a both a digital and boxed release. Abyss is very much in the vein of the successful Demon Gaze, with a sci-fi, cyberpunk twist, as its from the same developers, Experience.
That comes hot on the heels of news that Japan will be getting a sequel to the game, also in 2015. It sold and reviewed modestly on launch, but I guess you can never have too many RPGs in Japan. Here's a pic from the original. In the game you need to recruit and train warriors to fight off a demonic, genetically modified, threat, using blood codes for customisation.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Stein's Gate confirmed for western Vita release

PQUBE will bring the acclaimed visual novel from Mages, Nitro+, 5pb and Science Adventure Team to the Vita and PS3 in 2015 for a western audience. I've always loved the look of the series across its PSP and Vita incarnations and the story - an award-winning time travel science-fiction interactive is rated as one of the best visual novels ever.

STEINS;GATE follows a rag-tag band of tech-savvy young students who discover the means of changing the past via text message, using a modified microwave. Their experiments into how far they can go with their discovery begin to spiral out of control as they become entangled in a conspiracy surrounding SERN, the organisation behind the Large Hadron Collider, and John Titor - a mysterious forum poster who claims to be from a dystopian future.

Interaction with the game takes place through the "phone trigger" system, where the player can receive calls and text messages and decide whether to reply to them or not, changing the outcome of the game’s plot. A gripping and moving Visual Novel, which has already spawned manga and anime adaptations. PQube has a Facebook page up where fans can gather in anticipation - see you there.

Monday, December 15, 2014

Vita games of the year, 2014

Just noticed its nearly Christmas as every site opens up its game of the year debates/votes/contests. If you take a look at EuroGamer's poll, Danganronpa, Danganronpa 2, Freedom Wars,Velocity 2X and TxK are the Vita exclusives in a long list. Feel free to drop them a few votes as you can list up to five games.

Destructoid also has a nice long list to choose from, with Tales of Hearts R, Ys Memories of Celceta and Soul Sacrifice Delta among the others on the roster. But you can only pick one. I'm sure there are plenty of others.

Unfortunately, those polls have no chance of getting a Vita game near the top. So, what's the best game you've played on your Vita this year? The sad truth is I haven't yet played Freedom Wars or Tales or Sword Art Online (both on the Christmas list), so I can't comment on them. So, I guess February's TxK has to my top original Vita game, and that's not just the hypnotic effect talking.

It synthesizes 33 years of arcade class into your hands with a full-res display of glowing, warping, twisting pulsing lights and effects. It proves the Vita can do simple, very, very well, and make me wonder why there's no Crystal Castles or Gravitar among the many other arcade clones.

There are many other cool shooters on the Vita, some playing the nostalgia game very well. Ultimately, only Velocity 2X comes close in terms of twitch perfection and polish. I guess the sick and twisted Danganronpa 2 would have to be my favourite big release, if only for being so far outside most gamer's usual comfort zones.

And if you want a left-field game on top of that then Pix the Cat came out of nowhere, vanished up its own portal in a blaze of colour and keeps popping back up on my playlist. What's your favourite game of the year? Let us real Vita fans know in the comments.

World Trigger site goes live

Its only a teaser site, and its not teasing very much at the moment, but expect World Trigger, Borderless Mission, to be a big thing for Bandai Namco in 2015. The company seems to be the only one throwing its weight behind the Vita with multiple big releases including new God Eater and One Piece to come.

The game is know to offer 8 player ad hoc mode and is based on a Manga that started on Japanese TV a couple of months ago. In that game a portal to another world sees monsters popping up. Resistant to our weapons, a special defence group is formed to counter them.

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Square Enix announces a new "Saga" for Vita in 2015

In another one of those mad Nico Nico broadcasts, Square has just announced something for the Vita, Its based on the SaGa series which is most recently doing the rounds as a mobile game, but started life out on GameBoy and PS2, if I read rightly. More on Wikipedia of all things, it'll be the series 25th anniversary, so here's hoping its something good.

All we have is one pic provided by artist Satomi Kobayashi which doesn't give much away, it has enough history (Romancing Saga, etc) to be big, but is it now just a watered down experience? Anyway, its still no Type-0, so keep trying Square!

Friday, December 12, 2014

Super Robot Wars Taisen Z3 kicks into gear in Japan

Blimey, those Japanese sites are hardcore, posting news at gone 1AM. Looks like Super Robot Wars Taisen is getting a third outing with a new trailer. The cartoony mech battler is now called Z3 and this long play gameplay clip shows plenty of mechs in action, with new craft, skills and weapons.

This and a bunch of titles including God Eater Burst 3, Sword Art Online Lost Song and Pirate Warriors III put Bandai right at the front of the Vita publishing hierarchy, way ahead of Sony and Sega.

That's good, as long as they continue to roll out the hits, and better if Bandai keeps pushing the main games to the west. But once Bandai decides to move elsewhere, the Vita will suddenly have a very low-key release list. That's kind of worrying, so hopefully Sony and Sega will get their skates on with some 2015 news soon. What are you looking forward to.

Criminal Girls gets a dodgy EU limited edition

NIS America's EU store may be pricey, but if you like the games, and the goodies, this looks like a decent haul of swag. The Criminal Girls limited edition comes with a softcover art book, heart shaped key chain,  collector's box and an official soundtrack CD. The game is out in mid-February and this edition is £49.99.

God Eater 2 Rage Burst gets limited edition hardware

God Eater 2 was one of the first Vita limited editions, and its sequel, Rage Burst will also sport some natty logos on the back of a Vita touch panel. Available in black or white, there will also be PS4 versions, which shouldn't do too much to diminish the Vita's sales.

Check out all the models on this Sony Japan page, the game and new hardware is out on February 4.

Sword Art Online Lost Song's second opus and limited edition

Lost Song looks increasingly like THE Vita game of 2015, simply gorgeous and hopefully cleaning up any rough gameplay edges from the first one. This updated trailer has a bit more combat action with some huge monsters and massed ranks of cannon fodder for your airborne team to take on.

Has Bandai cracked the secret of the perfect RPG hunting game? If everything falls into place, this could be massive. Hollow Fragment sold 150,000 on launch in Japan, this should easily do better when launched in March, like te bundle too at the end. Wonder if there will be a hardware bundle, as Sony really needs to shift more units.

Minecraft dominates PSN sales

No surprise who is number one when it came to PSN in November, with the Vita edition proving the most popular, likely by far. But since we don't get any download numbers from Sony (shame the Sony Studios hack didn't pick any of this stuff up), who knows who dominant it really was.

I've just started getting back into Killzone and am pleased to see it at No. 2. Surely the game, which also remains in the top three of the retail chart on a permanent basis, has made enough money for Sony to consider rolling out another episode. Even if it just reuses scaled-down assets from the PS4 version with new mission goals?

Freedom Wars is doing consistently well, there's a useful comment in the PSN blog post for these numbers, listing all the players across the different ranges. It adds up to 8,500 just about which suggests that's about the best Sony can hope for in sales of big Vita games (excluding people who play exclusively offline). Guessing that's EU only but still pretty grim!


Killzone Mercenary
The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth
Freedom Wars
Disgaea 4: A Promise Revisited
Gravity Rush
WRC 4 FIA World Rally Championship
Worms Revolution Extreme
Persona 4 Golden


Tales of Hearts R
The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth
Freedom Wars
Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate
Sword Art Online
LEGO Marvel Super Heroes
Soul Sacrifice Delta
Home – A Unique Horror Adventure

DekaVita is go for a spring launch

The rather mad-but-good idea of the DekaVita console has seen enough interest in Japan for the company to enter full production, with the aim of a Spring launch. Announced in November, the dual stick, quad trigger, stereo device with a 1024x600 screen accepts a Vita TV unit in the back to make it a bigger, better Vita, since Sony can't seem to be bothered evolving their hardware much.
Sure, we don'know what the display quality will be like and hopefully they'll tart up the buttons and fascia, but the company has a long track record of gizmos and extras for portables. Hopefully some will make their way for export.

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Akiba's Trip 2 upskirts for PS4

Not made enough money on the PS Vita version? Then chuck out a PS4 upgrade seems to be a popular theme at the moment. Here comes NISA (who's Japanese parent won't go bust if Disgaea 5 sells only 150K copies, cough) bang on trend with a slightly naughtier version feature a toybox and freaky visual effects mode, all in 1080p with all the DLC included and some new content.

China gets the Vita in January, but will China "get" the Vita

UPDATE: After its last minute January, launch cancellation, Sony has now confirmed it will launch the PS4 and Vita in China on March 20. No explanation for the delay has been forthcoming. Wonder what this blog looks like in Cantonese!

Original Story:

Sony will be selling the PS4 and Vita in China from the 11th January, thanks to various deals and legal changes. They will come with a range of international and local games, such as King of Wushu (Suzhou Snail), Mr Pumpkin's Adventure (Shanghai Youju) and One Tap Hero (Shanghai Kena).

Seems like Sony is following the western theme of attracting small and indie developers first. Other third parties like Modian and Oriental Pearl will be encouraging new developers to adopt PlayStation. Not sure what the formats are for these games.

While the PS4 should do well as a status symbol, I am wondering if the Vita will catch on, given the massive dominance of cheap local-brand Android gadgets over there, and the fact that 3DS, known as the iQue 3DS, has been there since 2012. The Vita seems positively ancient tech to what locals can buy for less in the form of a phone or phablet.

Still, China is a massive market, and even a modest uptake should see some local interest, but I can't see it changing the global fortunes of the permanently-niche handheld. The Chinese model does come with a nice case, and will see for 1,299 yuan or just over $200.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Vita sales stay strong in Japan

Vita sales in Japan dropped 6,000 from last week, but held on to respectable numbers, selling 23,300 this week. That's as Samurai Warriors Chronicles 3 launched and Phantasy Star Nova continued to sell in the Media Create chart. Borderlands 2 is clinging to the bottom of the Famitsu chart at 30, having sold 4,500.

To highlight Sony's plight in Japan, three new PS4 games launched and only sold an average of 10K each. So the Vita remains pretty much the lead platform there, but so few new games are coming out in 2015, that the situation could stagnate. As it is, the Vita, should sell around 1.1 million in Japan this year, pretty much matching last year, while the 3DS is down 2 million sales on 2013, but still miles ahead at 2.75 million for the year.

To alarm things further NIS made a statement recently that Disgaea 5 (out next March on PS4 in Japan) needs to sell at least 150,000 for the company to keep going. If they go down, that's a lot less Vita games to come west from one of the format's best supporters. Perhaps a rapid Vita conversion is on the cards?

09./00. [PSV] Samurai Warriors: Chronicles 3 # (Koei Tecmo) - 22.152 / NEW 
10./02. [PSV] Phantasy Star Nova (Sega) - 19.833 / 127.147 (-82%)
30./00. [PSV] Borderlands 2 (Take 2) - 4,500 (Famitsu chart) 

This week's releases in Japan include Soul Sacrifice Delta on budget and Earth Defense Portable V2, with Gundam Breaker 2 out next week to cap off the year. 

Sony pimps the PlayStation TV to the family

Hello consumers, buy this thing! Says Sony with its latest advert... ignoring the fact its NFL season not baseball season and that LEGO Movie is getting on for a year old. Still, its some marketing, given I don't recall PS TV being mentioned much during PlayStation Experience. And it kind of works as an advert. Odd that there's no Minecraft, or an ad pushing Borderlands and Killzone to the grown ups!

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Rock Boshers DX ready to funk it up on Vita

While there was lots to love about Aqua Kitty DX, did it really deserve the extra DX tag? The same may be asked of the unashamedly retro arcade action game Rock Boshers DX: Director's Cut from TikiPod which hits PSN this week on PS4 and PS Vita.

Then again, with its Spectrum look-and-feel, who can argue with a game where the objective to help a young Queen Victoria fight her way across Mars and attempt to escape home. Look forward to playing it this week, and if you love Spectrum games, check out the Vega speccy console, currently raking in the cash via crowdfunding.

The DekaVita, the better PlayStation Vita?

First unveiled back in early November, the DekaVita from GameTech (a 7-inch LCD housing for the Vita TV with proper triggers and other benefits) seems to be coming along nicely. Here's a more recent video of it in action, but still no word on if there's been sufficient orders for it to hit production.

There's also some more pics on the site comparing it to the Wii U GamePad.

The tall and the short of PlayStation Experience

Having managed to generate a decent amount of interest in the Vita at PlayStation Experience, Sony managed to squash the enthusiasm pretty quickly with its usual missteps and fluffs. Announcing a bunch of games on various platforms in a blurry tirade of a keynote, left us unsure of what was being said. Definitely no Persona 5 or Transistor!

Then there's the inevitable questions, why is FF VII HD PS4 only? If this is coming from Square Japan, it is in their interests to have a Vita version too? The Suikoden news, similarly was great, but in the 20th anniversary of PlayStation, where was the original Ridge Racer, Raiden Project or other launch games? Where was a bit of thematic consistency rather than just a hodge podge of almost random news.

Finally, the lack of a 20th Anniversary PS Vita, a task that is only a matter of getting some coloured plastic pellets and one button made up to a Japanese factory and changing a few pieces of InDesign art on the box, not some exercise of mythological proportions! Again, it shows Sony's total lack of investment. All these indie ports? Sony isn't paying more than lose change for them, if anything.

So yes, there was some games news, which is to be commended,  But this is really Sony saving stuff up that it didn't announce at E3 - the company was saving it up for this event. And don't expect much more of substance until well into next year. The indies will keep coming, along with the odd port but the lack of desire to farm out the Killzone engine or do any thinking outside of the lack-of-business as usual is truly frustrating.

Monday, December 8, 2014

PSN taken down by hackers again

Hope you managed to download those free EA games before the hackers struck, as it now appears PSN been DDOSed like a dodo into oblivion (again). Sony say they are working on it. While I don't care who done it, or why, I'm still amazed Sony's infrastructure is this susceptible to attack, surely it should have redundancies and rerouting to the eyeballs by now.

For what its worth, I can see the EU PSN webstore on my PC. Not sure what else is up and what's down. UPDATE: Services should be working now, the hack was claimed by a team called Lizard Squad, no idea why.

Sunday, December 7, 2014

PlayStation Experience trailers

All the PS Vita games from the big PlayStation Experience show... its mostly indies (still) but at least Sony offers some notional support with continued sports. Note some trailers say PS4, even though Sony has confirmed them for Vita.

Here's what a 20th anniversary Vita could look like

Someone, not sure who, has posted a mock up of what a PS Vita 20th Anniversary edition could look like. I have no idea why Sony isn't pushing a Vita version of the limited edition classic PS One colour scheme. This looks smart, has a lovely PS button and could do no harm to Vita sales at all! Thrown in a bundle with some PS One classics and it should have no trouble selling out of a 25K limited edition.

Disney infinity 2.0 gets exclusive Spiderman

I guess to say sorry for being so late to the party, but Disney will give Vita owners the Black-suited Spiderman as an exclusive character when the series hits the Vita next May. Oddly, the Disney segment wasn't broadcast, but there was some discussion about it, but who knows since they won't tell the world.

PlayStation Experience continues to bring some decent Vita news our way, but its looking like the one big game piece of news continues to elude us, (Resi Revelations 2 doesn't really count).

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Vita saved: New games confirmed at PlayStation Experience

Perhaps not completely saved, in fact still tucked away in Sony's so-last-year box but hey - the Vita gets a big game for 2015. At first I thought they said that Atlus will bring the PS4 and PS3 title Persona 5 west along with a Vita version, (UPDATE: Or not, guess i misheard still there was lots of other stuff coming!) based on the back of the success of Persona 4 Golden.

Of course, that's not to say Persona 5 Portable isn't in the works! However, we do (finally) get Resident Evil 2 Revelations (having been mis-announced and rumoured a few times) to the Vita via Capcom and Sony Third Party Studios. Plus an almost inevitable MLB 15 The Show.

Additional games coming for Vita include Geometry Wars 3, Transistor (I think, these guys really need to stick labels on everything) and the rather cute Xbox adventure Bastion. With some six million viewers tuning into watch the keynote speech, plus thousands more at the Las Vegas show, it was a lively old keynote bash.

UPDATE: EA is giving away Need for Speed on the Vita on PSN this weekend, not sure if that's US only but will check.

UPDATE: Shovel Knight, best indie game of the year, confirmed for Vita in 2015. Also coming is an all-new game, Severed from Drinkbox.

UPDATE: Gio Corsi announced Suidoken I and II coming to PS Vita (as in the PS One titles), Towerfall Ascension, with expansion pack DarkWorld plus Super Time Force Ultra (pictured), and strategy RPG The Banner Saga.

To go along with Grim Fandango, Day of the Tentacle will also be coming to PS4 and Vita.

Where to watch PlayStation Experience today and Sunday

If you enjoy all things PlayStation then you can tune into the Experience Event stream right here, which gets going anytime now. The schedule has just the one highlight for Vita fans, unless Sony has anything interesting up its sleeve, but overall, this is a PS4 love fest - and rightly so, but Sony should know that it owes the Vita a small amount of love.

Watch live video from PlayStation on www.twitch.tv

Just ignore the chat on the side, which is full of the usual nine-year olds and their inane "opinions." All times are Pacific US, so add 8 hours for the UK.

10:00 PlayStation Experience keynote
11:30 Dying Light live gameplay
12:00 Destiny: The Dark Below gameplay
12:30 Virtual Reality: A New Era for Games (live panel)
1:30 The Tomorrow Children live gameplay
2:00 God of War: Retrospective (live panel excerpt)
2:30 World Wide Studios Town Hall (live discussion)
3:00 No Man’s Sky gameplay and discussion
3:300 The Journey of Diablo III on PS4 (live panel excerpt)
4:00 Tearaway Unfolded PS4 live gameplay
4:30 LittleBigPlanet 3 Community Creations
5:00 Inside the Dev Studio (live panel)
6:00 Hohokum Live Music Jam – Featuring Ghostly International DJ’s Shigeto & Michna
9:00 A Night Under No Man’s Sky

10:30 Opening welcome and recap with special guests
11:00 The Witness live gameplay
11:30 Grim Fandango Remastered live gameplay
12:00 The Tomorrow Children live gameplay
12:30 Prototype to Product (live panel excerpt)
1:00 Lara Croft & The Temple of Osiris live gameplay
1:30 World Wide Studios Town Hall (live discussion)
2:00 Far Cry 4: From the Developer’s Mind to the Gamer (live panel excerpt)
2:30 Amplitude live gameplay
3:00 Tearaway: How Media Molecule Built a Living Papery World
4:00 Secret Mystery Game live gameplay
4:30 Axiom Verge live gameplay
5:00 Story Time (live panel)

Friday, December 5, 2014

Vita getting more LEGO Ninjago with Shadow of Ronin

Warner and LEGO continue to bombard the Vita with titles, this time another episode in the LEGO Ninjago series, Shadow of Ronin, coming Spring 2015. Based of the LEGO Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu TV show, it offers a line up of cool vehicles, mechs and even dragons, plus an all new enemy to battle and is developed by Traveler's Tales Fusion studio.

There is a new threat in Ninjago, and his name is Ronin. With help from his army of dark samurai, Ronin steals the Ninjas’ memories using an ancient weapon called the Obsidian Glaive. The Ninjas forget how to use their elemental powers, and it is up to the players to help them find their Obsidian weapons, regain their memories and reclaim their powers before Ronin completes his plan and releases an even greater evil on Ninjago.

 In LEGO Ninjago: Shadow of Ronin players will battle through iconic locales from the TV series, including the Ice Temple, the Toxic Bogs, and a mysterious new island, as well as visit the mountain village of Spinjago, where the Ninjas are currently training with Grand Sensei Dareth and Sensei Wu. Using their Spinjitzu abilities, players can unleash their Ninja’s elemental power to smash their way through enemies and solve puzzles. They can even team up and create multi-elemental builds using the Tornado of Creation. For more information on LEGO Ninjago: Shadow of Ronin, please visit: http://www.lego.com/ninjago.

Resogun firing up the Vita in December

Vita owners will get to do even more shooting over Christmas as the PS4's launch title Resogun lines up as a PS3 and Vita Cross Buy title, so PS4 existing owners will get to play it again for free.

Arriving in Europe on the 17th (the US gets it on the 12th), it should line up along with the best Vita shooters; 2xK, Velocity 2X, Gravity Crash and others. It will run at 30fps with ad hoc multiplayer on the handheld.

Lock and load folks, its going to be a very shooty Christmas for Vita owners.

Enjoy 20 years of PlayStation in 216 seconds

From the boot tones to end all boot tones, have a peek at 20 years of PlayStation gaming, courtesy of this official montage of Sony's own choice of highlights. I'm sure there's loads missing, but one question: Why can't the Vita's power-on mode come with an option to choose from the PS1, PS2 or PS3 start tones?

That's the kind of lack of imagination that Sony suffers from when it goes beyond the logo and the interface, otherwise the Vita, PS3 and PS4 would be rocking interfaces that would get people, not just gamers, talking!

Ultratron jacks up another classic shooter

Hope you're enjoying Titan Attacks, currently free on PlayStation Plus? If so, the good news is that the same developers, Puppygames, are bringing up what looks like a revamp of Robotron (surely Jeff Minter should have dibs on that?). Curve are on publishing duties and it will be Cross Buy across PS4, PS3 and Vita.

While Titan Attacks is fun in short bursts, if a little uninspired, there's a lot more energy in your typical game of Robotron, or Llamatron, or whichever version you're used to and hopefully this will keep that pace up and lavish some more cool twists than mere upgrades and attack waves.

PlayStation Experience a Vita free presentation zone (almost)

So, here's the line up for PlayStation Experience, or the death of the Vita as you may as well call it. As you can see, not one piece of Vita-ry goodness. Grim Fandango, a 15 year old adventure doesn't really count, and I bet the Tearaway devs, Media Molecule are only here to talk up the PS4 version.

If I traveled any distance to this event and all they had for me was Axiom Verge, I'd be pretty pissed off. Even if Sony does have some new game to announce at the keynote or the new game segment, it really won't make much difference, as Sony fails to market it even while the likes of The Verge continue to rank it the best handheld! So, I direct you to Japan if you want any news out of Sony.

10:00 PlayStation Experience keynote
11:30 Dying Light live gameplay
12:00 Destiny: The Dark Below gameplay
12:30 Virtual Reality: A New Era for Games (live panel)
1:30 The Tomorrow Children live gameplay
2:00 God of War: Retrospective (live panel excerpt)
2:30 World Wide Studios Town Hall (live discussion)
3:00 No Man’s Sky gameplay and discussion
3:300 The Journey of Diablo III on PS4 (live panel excerpt)
4:00 Tearaway Unfolded PS4 live gameplay
4:30 LittleBigPlanet 3 Community Creations
5:00 Inside the Dev Studio (live panel)
6:00 Hohokum Live Music Jam – Featuring Ghostly International DJ’s Shigeto & Michna
9:00 A Night Under No Man’s Sky

10:30 Opening welcome and recap with special guests
11:00 The Witness live gameplay
11:30 Grim Fandango Remastered live gameplay
12:00 The Tomorrow Children live gameplay
12:30 Prototype to Product (live panel excerpt)
1:00 Lara Croft & The Temple of Osiris live gameplay
1:30 World Wide Studios Town Hall (live discussion)
2:00 Far Cry 4: From the Developer’s Mind to the Gamer (live panel excerpt)
2:30 Amplitude live gameplay
3:00 Tearaway: How Media Molecule Built a Living Papery World
4:00 Secret Mystery Game live gameplay
4:30 Axiom Verge live gameplay
5:00 Story Time (live panel)

New Sword Art Online Lost Song trailer flies into action

This is more like it from Bandai, a game with some style and soul, and an epic bit of scope to it. The trailer is short, but really makes we want to jump on the current western release to get up to speed before this arrives. It looks smooth, feisty and fun - what's not to like?

Sword Art Online Lost Song looks like it could be the best-looking Vita game yet, with gorgeous characters and a landscape you're not limited to running around in (thank you Gravity Rush). If the gameplay is more than just monster mashing, count me in!

See some Magical High School, bang Out of Order gameplay

Bandai Namco continue to push this desperately generic looking RPG, and while I like the costumes, every video I've seen looks horrendously similar (I'm hoping this is a training scenario). The Magical High School series is supposed to be pretty popular, but I don't think this is game to trade on its success, certainly the marketing has been some of the most boring I've ever seen out of Japan.

We have the extended trailer and a playthrough to watch, but it'll be tough going for all but the most hardcore of fans.

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Tales of Hearts R gets a costume DLC party

One of the bigger Vita launches this year, Bandai's Tales of Hearts R continues to dish out the goodies with new content! This time Kor, Kohaku, Chalcedony and their allies will receive new costumes to fully change their appearance! The costume sets include:
  • Butler & Maid Costumes
  • Swimwear Outfits
  • Legacy Costumes
  • School Costumes
  • Idol Costumes

On top of that, TALES OF fans will be able to get tons of boosters and level-ups for their preferred characters!

Metropolis Defenders gets some proper screens

After the scans from last week's Famitsu, we can now take a proper look at the screenshots from the new Acquire game thanks to the Japanese magazine's website. Thats a big tick for giant city squashing monsters and cunning use of defence strategies, as you rotate parts of your city around to face the incoming threats.

Think tower defence on a codex and you have the idea, doesn't look too complicated for a western release either.

La Mulana EX shows off a new gameplay clip

Successfully crowdedfunded Vita game La Mulana EX from Nigoro might just make it out this side of Christmas, if not it'll be a welcome early 2015 title. Check out the new gameplay video as the classic explorer puzzle/platform game shows off its gaming chops and some massive nasties. Looking forward to it!

Hyperdevotion Noire: Goddess Black Heart opening video and screens

Idea Factory brings us Compile Heart's strategy RPG from the Hyperdimension Neptunia series in early 2015. Hitting both retail and digital formats, only on the PlayStation Vita.

Lead your lady CPU buddies in their first-ever foray into strategy RPG gameplay, taking on enemies in a whole new way. You'll fight off hordes of enemies in turn-based strategy, dodging laser beams and flaming pits, and using dangerous environments against your enemy.

Link up with the "Lily System" The more often characters are in battle together, the higher their bond becomes. Activating the "Lily Boost" grants special stats and abilities, while "Lily Points" can be used to activate ultra-special moves and even goddess transformations. Don't be shy to build up those battle relationships and seal it all with a kiss!

Check your Status! All kinds of funky things can happen in the heat of battle and characters can be hit with status ailments that are both boon and burden. You can get pixelated, zombie-fied, or even turned into a block of tofu! Some status changes come with their own benefit and cost, so keep this in mind during a fight.

Item Customization! You'll get tons of replay value with so many ways to boost your gear's stats! The more enemies you defeat, the more items you can get to customize your gear in whatever way you see fit. Let the great experiment begin!

Sky TV not bothering with Vita or PS TV either

Looks like Sony really is trying to kill the PS TV faster than the Vita, as it goes all shiny on a content app announcement with UK's Sky TV satellite service. There's an app, a decent subscription rate, plenty of cool content and everything, but then promptly forgets about the portable and micro console.

The app arrives on PS4 now and even the PS3 gets it next year, but somehow watching on the Vita's screen is a big no-no? Sky Sports, Sky Movies and its 70 regular TV channels are free for Sky Multiscreen users or £5 for the Sky Go Extra service, plus on-demand content and download for offline viewing!

I guess Sky remembers the low-turnout it got for the PSP product it offered briefly, but with a more mobile and mature market now, how hard is it to code one streaming app? Guess we'll never see Sky on that lovely OLED!

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Phantasy Star Nova sells 107k on launch

The new Media Create chart is out and shows good moves for the Vita, with a host of new games hitting the chart, but only Phantasy Star Nova from Sega and Tri-Ace really making an impact.

Fate/Hollow Ataraxia  did pretty well with 50,000 (Famitsu has it at 66k, which is quite an anomalous gap) but NIS's Great Edo BlackSmith lags well behind the pack with a mere 11,000 sales. Even then, PS Nova's sales are well down (by two-thirds) on anything from the series' past PSP performance, although Famitsu lists it as selling 60-80% of stock, so perhaps Sega weren't that confident anyway.

01./01. [3DS] Pokemon Omega Ruby / Alpha Sapphire (Pokemon Co.) - 298.613 / 1.626.284 (-78%)
02./00. [PSV] Phantasy Star Nova (Sega) - 107.313 / NEW
03./00. [3DS] Etrian Odyssey 2 Untold: The Knight of Fafnir (Atlus) - 59.531 / NEW
04./00. [PSV] Fate/Hollow Ataraxia # (Kadokawa Games) - 53.979 / NEW
10./00. [PSV] Nisekoi: Yomeiri!? (Konami) - 15.508 / NEW
11./00. [PSV] Dekamori Senran Kagura # (Marvelous)  - 14.275 / NEW
15./00. [PSV] Great Edo BlackSmith (Nippon Ichi Software) - 11.562 / NEW

On the hardware front, the Vita rockets up to 29,000, with even Vita TV getting a boost, thanks to the PSNova limited editions. However, its way, way down on last year's stellar numbers and still miles behind all the new 3DS hardware.

Catch up with Japan's PlayStation Awards and 20th anniversary party

Catch up with today's From DJ's rapping with the Sony PlayStation startup sounds and noises from influential games to a host of awards, and celebrations of all things Sony. Sure its mostly in Japanese (there's some western voice), but you can get the vibe and enjoy the event that went down in Tokyo.

From the User's Choice award to coveted game of the year, there's a full list here if you can't be bothered to enjoy men in suits going polite over games. Note, there's a new very limited edition 20th anniversary PS4 design being shown off by Sony, but no Vita version (shame!)

Update: The EU PSN now has a 20th anniversary sale on with a bunch of PS One, PSP and Vita titles on offer, still no PS One Ridge Racer though, sort it out Sony/Namco!

Games Workshop bringing Space Hulk to the Vita

Publisher HR Games, developer Full Control and the Games Workshop team has announced that a Space Hulk game will land with massive force on the Vita and PS3 next year. It seems to be a revamp of the recent PC release, so don't get too excited, but should still be a welcome addition.

Offering 3D turn based strategy, based on the board game, it will feature both single and mutiplayer across the isolated corridors and tomb-like chambers of an ancient vessel lost in the graveyard of space.

Players lead a small army of fearless Space Marine Terminators to battle in a ferocious fight for survival against hordes of predatory alien Genestealers. Based on the "Sin of Damnation" campaign from the 3rd edition board game, Space Hulk includes a robust 12 mission single-player campaign, a co-operative campaign, Blood Angel and Space Wolf Chapters and many other thrilling missions!

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

PlayStation Experience, the one where Sony kills the Vita?

Black Friday and Cyber Monday have come and gone with no Sony press release yelling, "yay, we sold some Vita systems!" The prices are already going back up and there's no big name release to help sell systems.

With nothing of note to look forward to on the release list, this weekend's Sony PlayStation Experience will be a fond farewell to the Vita, as Sony marches on with the PS4 proudly waving the PS banner for 2015. Or, Sony could pull something, one last hurrah, perhaps, out the bag (but probably not). Whatever Emagon is, it doesn't look like a Vita game!

To be fair, some multi-platform indies like Project Root, Assault Android Cactus and a few others will be on show, but its slim pickings out there.

Despite murmurs of better sales, there's been no evidence of them. So, the Vita will likely drift slowing into the gaming night, unable to get dedicated development teams, leaving it the odd port or Cross Play version and any Japanese titles brave enough to tempt the market.

There's a Chinese launch to look forward to, announced next week, but that will most likely focus on reselling existing games and converting any popular Chinese browser games to the Vita.

A few things Sony can do to nurse the Vita along, since most games are now Indie releases:

  • Promote and release more digital download sales cards in places like Amazon (where there's three things on the upcoming release list) and other stores. 
  • Throw as many Sony titles into PlayStation Plus as possible, and put up a Vita bundle with six months of PlayStation Plus - I'd hope a Vita and about a dozen free games would shift, even if there's a big "you must subscribe to continue playing" sticker on the box. 
  • Beg, borrow, steal one big game for 2015 to give the fans something to look forward to. 

Steamworld Heist confirmed for PS Vita

Steamworld Dig is currently one of my Vita go-to games (and my son's), having picked it up on PS+, but you can bet I'll be paying up on day one for Steamworld Heist now that its officially confirmed for the Vita (and pretty much all other platforms).

Looking a bit like Ice Pirates, it sees the robo crew lifting goods off space ships and battling their way past the guards. Let them know in the comments you'll play it on Vita and maybe it'll be one of the earlier releases. I'll go update the release list.

New Earth Defense Force V2 portable promo

Four years on, it looks like Japan is more concerned about getting the social nature of their games over rather than just the content. Or, perhaps everyone's seen what these rehashed games have to offer, so the publisher is trying to keep that out of sight.

Either way, there's a hell of a lot of people and not much game in this promo for D3's EDF Portable V2, which I guess makes it an update of a sequel of a port (or something). The game just rated 7/7/7/9 for a score of 30/40 in the latest Famitsu, which isn't too shabby.

Acquire's Metropolis Defenders breaks cover in Famitsu

Acquire has been good bringing Vita games west with Akiba's Trip, Mind Zero and others making the trek here. Wonder if this new game, Metropolis Defenders will also make it over. Revealed in the latest issue of Famitsu, there isn't a lot to see, beyond some 3D cityscapes, giant monsters, lots of construction and some magical characters alongside the regular folk.

Is it a counterpoint to Freedom Wars with a mix of big battles and RTS construction? Could be interesting if they get the balance right, and it isn't just another monster slaying game, which I think we could all do with a bit of break from (you know, expect for God Eater Rage Burst and probably some more Toukiden).

Escha and Logy take time out in new Atelier trailer

Escha and Logy take time out in the latest video from Gust for this update to the PS3 game, Alchemists of the Dust Sky. It's all a bit restful and chatty, but the visuals are certainly striking and since Tecmo brought the PS3 version west there has to be a little hope for the Vita edition.

Building upon the mythos introduced in Atelier Ayesha, it features an air of mystery and the supernatural environments, with two heroes, who will have different perspectives on events in the game, as well as having unique personal events throughout.

Monday, December 1, 2014

Sony can't fool gamers with LBP Marvel edition

LEGO pretty much dominates the Vita chart now as kiddies stockings get filled with Vita size nick-nacks going cheap on Amazon and in stores. Otherwise, the LittleBigPlanet rehash can only make a modest entry with the Marvel DLC bolted on. Minecraft will stick to No. 1 possibly forever as there are no big Vita games lined up now, possibly ever!

Interestingly, new LittleBigPlanet 3 could only make it 18 in the chart, while Persona Q could only manage no. 8 on the 3DS chart, and failed to chart in the all formats. I'm sure they would have sold a lot better on the Vita. I wonder if NISA/Atlus will have a change of heart? Can't see Sony bothering with LBP 3 though.

1 = Minecraft: Playstation Edition Sony 1 3
2 = FIFA 15 EA sports 2 10
3 = Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham Warner  3 3
4 = Lego Marvel super heroes Warner 4 54
5 + Lego Movie Warner  8 39
6 + Killzone: Mercenary Sony  7 65
7 re Lego The Hobbit Warner - 13
8 NEW  LittleBigPanet Marvel Edition Sony  - 1
9 - Tales of Hearts R Bandai Namco  6 3
10 - Tearaway Sony 9 5

Leisure software charts compiled by Chart Track, (C)2014 UKIE Ltd