Catch up with Japan's PlayStation Awards and 20th anniversary party

Catch up with today's From DJ's rapping with the Sony PlayStation startup sounds and noises from influential games to a host of awards, and celebrations of all things Sony. Sure its mostly in Japanese (there's some western voice), but you can get the vibe and enjoy the event that went down in Tokyo.

From the User's Choice award to coveted game of the year, there's a full list here if you can't be bothered to enjoy men in suits going polite over games. Note, there's a new very limited edition 20th anniversary PS4 design being shown off by Sony, but no Vita version (shame!)

Update: The EU PSN now has a 20th anniversary sale on with a bunch of PS One, PSP and Vita titles on offer, still no PS One Ridge Racer though, sort it out Sony/Namco!