Retro City Rampage dev touts Vita as growth platform

In an inciteful state of the market post for how Retro City Rampage has performed in various markets, VBlank cites the Vita as a valuable platform for developers.
PS VITA has been a very healthy market which is completely counter to the misappropriated console's stigma as a failure. With less AAA competition, it's easier to get store placement and store placement is what sells games. Over the past two years, sales on PS VITA have become proportionately higher than PS3. PS4 proves healthy as well. PlayStation developers releasing games in 2015 should prioritize PS4 followed by PS VITA.

Interestingly, a PSP version was in the works at one point. Hopefully, all the number crunching means the next game from the Studio will also hit the Vita, once they've ported RCR to every platform on the planet!