Super Robot Wars Taisen Z3 kicks into gear in Japan

Blimey, those Japanese sites are hardcore, posting news at gone 1AM. Looks like Super Robot Wars Taisen is getting a third outing with a new trailer. The cartoony mech battler is now called Z3 and this long play gameplay clip shows plenty of mechs in action, with new craft, skills and weapons.

This and a bunch of titles including God Eater Burst 3, Sword Art Online Lost Song and Pirate Warriors III put Bandai right at the front of the Vita publishing hierarchy, way ahead of Sony and Sega.

That's good, as long as they continue to roll out the hits, and better if Bandai keeps pushing the main games to the west. But once Bandai decides to move elsewhere, the Vita will suddenly have a very low-key release list. That's kind of worrying, so hopefully Sony and Sega will get their skates on with some 2015 news soon. What are you looking forward to.