Vita games of the year, 2014

Just noticed its nearly Christmas as every site opens up its game of the year debates/votes/contests. If you take a look at EuroGamer's poll, Danganronpa, Danganronpa 2, Freedom Wars,Velocity 2X and TxK are the Vita exclusives in a long list. Feel free to drop them a few votes as you can list up to five games.

Destructoid also has a nice long list to choose from, with Tales of Hearts R, Ys Memories of Celceta and Soul Sacrifice Delta among the others on the roster. But you can only pick one. I'm sure there are plenty of others.

Unfortunately, those polls have no chance of getting a Vita game near the top. So, what's the best game you've played on your Vita this year? The sad truth is I haven't yet played Freedom Wars or Tales or Sword Art Online (both on the Christmas list), so I can't comment on them. So, I guess February's TxK has to my top original Vita game, and that's not just the hypnotic effect talking.

It synthesizes 33 years of arcade class into your hands with a full-res display of glowing, warping, twisting pulsing lights and effects. It proves the Vita can do simple, very, very well, and make me wonder why there's no Crystal Castles or Gravitar among the many other arcade clones.

There are many other cool shooters on the Vita, some playing the nostalgia game very well. Ultimately, only Velocity 2X comes close in terms of twitch perfection and polish. I guess the sick and twisted Danganronpa 2 would have to be my favourite big release, if only for being so far outside most gamer's usual comfort zones.

And if you want a left-field game on top of that then Pix the Cat came out of nowhere, vanished up its own portal in a blaze of colour and keeps popping back up on my playlist. What's your favourite game of the year? Let us real Vita fans know in the comments.