Games Workshop bringing Space Hulk to the Vita

Publisher HR Games, developer Full Control and the Games Workshop team has announced that a Space Hulk game will land with massive force on the Vita and PS3 next year. It seems to be a revamp of the recent PC release, so don't get too excited, but should still be a welcome addition.

Offering 3D turn based strategy, based on the board game, it will feature both single and mutiplayer across the isolated corridors and tomb-like chambers of an ancient vessel lost in the graveyard of space.

Players lead a small army of fearless Space Marine Terminators to battle in a ferocious fight for survival against hordes of predatory alien Genestealers. Based on the "Sin of Damnation" campaign from the 3rd edition board game, Space Hulk includes a robust 12 mission single-player campaign, a co-operative campaign, Blood Angel and Space Wolf Chapters and many other thrilling missions!