Sky TV not bothering with Vita or PS TV either

Looks like Sony really is trying to kill the PS TV faster than the Vita, as it goes all shiny on a content app announcement with UK's Sky TV satellite service. There's an app, a decent subscription rate, plenty of cool content and everything, but then promptly forgets about the portable and micro console.

The app arrives on PS4 now and even the PS3 gets it next year, but somehow watching on the Vita's screen is a big no-no? Sky Sports, Sky Movies and its 70 regular TV channels are free for Sky Multiscreen users or £5 for the Sky Go Extra service, plus on-demand content and download for offline viewing!

I guess Sky remembers the low-turnout it got for the PSP product it offered briefly, but with a more mobile and mature market now, how hard is it to code one streaming app? Guess we'll never see Sky on that lovely OLED!