PlayStation Experience, the one where Sony kills the Vita?

Black Friday and Cyber Monday have come and gone with no Sony press release yelling, "yay, we sold some Vita systems!" The prices are already going back up and there's no big name release to help sell systems.

With nothing of note to look forward to on the release list, this weekend's Sony PlayStation Experience will be a fond farewell to the Vita, as Sony marches on with the PS4 proudly waving the PS banner for 2015. Or, Sony could pull something, one last hurrah, perhaps, out the bag (but probably not). Whatever Emagon is, it doesn't look like a Vita game!

To be fair, some multi-platform indies like Project Root, Assault Android Cactus and a few others will be on show, but its slim pickings out there.

Despite murmurs of better sales, there's been no evidence of them. So, the Vita will likely drift slowing into the gaming night, unable to get dedicated development teams, leaving it the odd port or Cross Play version and any Japanese titles brave enough to tempt the market.

There's a Chinese launch to look forward to, announced next week, but that will most likely focus on reselling existing games and converting any popular Chinese browser games to the Vita.

A few things Sony can do to nurse the Vita along, since most games are now Indie releases:

  • Promote and release more digital download sales cards in places like Amazon (where there's three things on the upcoming release list) and other stores. 
  • Throw as many Sony titles into PlayStation Plus as possible, and put up a Vita bundle with six months of PlayStation Plus - I'd hope a Vita and about a dozen free games would shift, even if there's a big "you must subscribe to continue playing" sticker on the box. 
  • Beg, borrow, steal one big game for 2015 to give the fans something to look forward to.