Vlambeer invites us to sit on the Nuclear Throne

Japan still avidly playing the God Eater 2 demo

Another day, another crazed Japanese ad to sell the new Vita

Compile Heart's big news is a new RPG from the Disgaea 4 boss

FIFA 14 tops the Vita chart, but FIFA Football reenters to prove we're not all mugs

PS Vita sponsoring UK broadcasts of Agents of SHIELD

Keiji Inafune to add a Vita goal to Mighty No. 9

Milestone bringing Motocross to the Vita

EuroGamer Expo showing off the best of Vita

China lifts ban on games consoles, could be big for Vita

Natural Doctrine gets a new trailer

Kadokawa bringing a big gun title to the Vita in 2014

Coming to the Vita in October: Danna nanna naannnaa Batman!

Compile Heart's new Hyper Dimension Neptunia trailer, teases more news for Monday

Soul Sacrifice Delta rolls out the freaks

Sony UK comments on Vita sales, future and how gamers maybe saved the handheld

Nnooo bringing the award-winning ORBITOR to consoles

Persona 5 Reveal in November

Honeyslug bringing Super Exploding Zoo to Vita and PS4

Sony France confirms Injustice Gods Among Us for the Vita with boxart

Street Fighter x Tekken and Katamari now up for PS+ users

Sony and Namco need to set Vita Ridge Racer free

Japanese games sales Monster Hunted to death, PSP nears 20 million units

Warriors Orochi 2 Ultimate rages on the Vita

Frozen Synapse Tactics early look on the Vita

Furmins to cause tribble on the Vita

Arc System Work's Tokyo Twilight Ghosthunters trailered

Lone Survivor out now on EU PSN, new trailer

La Mulana heads to the Vita, more 2D platform adventuring

Last hurrah for the PSP as FIFA 14 and PES 14 hit the net

The best-looking Vita trailer out of TGS? Legend of Heroes: Sen no Kiseki

Knytt Underground gets a PSN price cut, free soundtrack

Airship Q gets funded for Vita in Japan

TGS Akiba's Trip 2 trailer misses the point completely

Killzone Mercenary soundtrack now available for download

Toukiden heads west in 2014, new screens

Friday Thought: Sony playing its Vita cards too close to its chest

Hyperdimension Neptunia Rebirth sexed up from the PS3 to the Vita

Dynasty Warriors 7 in action at TGS

Sega shows a long lyrical clip of Hatsune Miku 2nd F at TGS

Sony confirms Gaikai streaming PS3 games to Vita in 2014

Video from the Tokyo Games Show floor, so we don't have to go

Full trailer for the new Team Gravity Rush project

Madoka Magica Battle Pentagram unveiled at TGS

Soul Sacrifice Delta angles in for a TGS trailer

Phantasy Star Nova gets a Tokyo Games Show trailer

Another TGS, another Final Fantasy X HD trailer

Gravity Rush 2 teased at TGS for the Vita

Monster Hunter finally coming to the Vita, in Frontier G form

Monster Hunter sends the Vita into hiding in Japan

Sony focuses on Asia for Vita growth at pre-TGS event

Arc System Works lines up its TGS Vita download titles

Life Beyond Monster Hunter, more good scoring Vita games hitting Japan

Sega Buys Atlus, could be good, could be bad for the Vita

Lone Survivor blinks at the Vita's bright screen next week

Killzone Mercenary to lead the way in a six-month Vita TV campaign

A video comparison of the OLED and LCD Vita screens

Monster Hunter 4's dragons roost on top of the Japanese chart, here's what Sony could have won!

Who and what's doing the killing in Killzone Mercenary

$220,000 for a Taxi Journey? Another Kickstarter could make a cool Vita game

Atelier Rorona gets a graphics update comparison video

Sega's Project 575 gets a sing-song trailer

Don't be silly, PlayStation Vita TV is coming west

Yakuza character art restored from the Ishin era

Tetris Puyo Puyo flipping out on the Vita

Sony Japan pushing some feudal anime to the Vita

PSP game tops the Japanese chart, Vita slide to end rather soon I guess

Check out the old Vita OLED screen versus the new LCD model

Star Wars: Balance of the Force heads to Zen Pinball

Oddball game Pavilion to light up the Vita and PS4

New Vita hardware raises the platform's profile massively

Assassin's Creed Liberation HD lifts the fog from the Vita version

Shantae: Half-Genie Hero kicking off on the Vita

Check out the packing and content of PlayStation Vita TV

New Vita models, pretty colours on the rear only

Phantasy Star Nova gets a TGS trailer

Killzone Mercenary could go top five in Japan

Thoughts on today's dose of Vita, Vita, Vita

Sony shows off a day with all things PlayStation

Check out the upcoming limited edition Vita models

Sony details Vita TV compatible games

Kadokawa asserts its Natural Doctrine

Kagero: Darkside Princess coming to the Vita from Koei

Review: Thoughts on Killzone Mercenary