Don't be silly, PlayStation Vita TV is coming west

Twitter is still full of idiots moaning that Vita TV (pretty pics here) is Japan only. Some quick evidence to refute this. First, why on earth would Sony EU and US entice us lot of heathens to watch a Japanese specific event if the content (or some of it) wasn't meant for our consumption?

Now the PS4 Japan date was clearly for them only, some of the games shown off will never appear out of Japan. But the new Vita hardware is clearly something we'd be interested in, and the only logical reason western branches of Sony would clue the general user into this event.

Second: Yoshida-San is telling all those who will listen on Twitter that the Vita TV is not for Japan only. Comments from Sony's boss Andrew House have been reported in the press as saying something like it is: "Launching only in Japan for now" which isn't the same thing as never coming west.
Finally, the Vita TV sparked huge interest across the web, and raced to the top of Amazon Japan's wanted list behind the PS4. What damn fool company wouldn't follow that interest up with a wider release? So, at some point, we are getting Vita TV and the new 2000 model.

However, it would only make sense to release them over here when a big-name game is launching. That, with Sony's current paper-thin line-up, is a big sticking point, but we know some big games are in development. What those games are? And their release dates are a mystery, but feel free to speculate.

However, my guess would be 22 February 2014 or about that time, which is two years after the original Vita's launch date and also a good time for the first post-Christmas big releases. Feel free to argue in the comments, but it all makes sense, and all falls neatly into place once that big game (or games) have been announced.