Last hurrah for the PSP as FIFA 14 and PES 14 hit the net

With the football season well under way, a quick reminder that PSP owners can still enjoy the beautiful game. FIFA 14 "Legacy Edition" is out this week on the PSP as well as the Vita, but if you really need FIFA on the Vita, then the '13 edition can be had for around £10, all you'll miss is some kit and team updates.

Pro Evo '14 hits the PSP via PSN (I don't think there's a boxed version), thanks to its continued popularity in Japan, but not the Vita due to lack of market demand. Don't feel too bad though, they did develop Pro Evo for the 3DS and no one bought it.

Funnily enough, there's no marketing for either game, so you may have to dig to find them. But, its not quite the end for the PSP. Also out now for the venerable handheld is the visual novel Sweet Fuse title available from Aksys in the U.S. and currently on import in Europe. Anyone else still bringing PSP games west? Let me know. Otherwise this looks like the last hurrah, the still thriving Japanese market and any happy imports aside, for the old chap.