Lone Survivor blinks at the Vita's bright screen next week

The classically-styled but thoroughly modern survival adventure Lone Survivor will creep out from under the debris next week for EU Vita owners, bringing another essential indie hit to the handheld. It won't just be a mere port either, offering a host of new features and content.

Available as a Sony exclusive ‘Director’s Cut’ edition, from Curve Studios and Curve Digital. The North, the game focuses as much on insanity, loneliness and isolation as it does on external enemies. Directly influenced by classic survival horror and psychological thrillers like Silent Hill and Twin Peaks, Lone Survivor offers players many different ways to approach situations they encounter in the game. Avoid combat, or tackle your foes head on. Seek out companions or escape alone. Maintain your own sanity or risk falling into madness – Lone Survivor is a game that’s all about choice.

Byrne commented, “It’s been a lifelong dream of mine to release one of my games on a console, and it’s been amazing to watch it coming together in the last few months. Lone Survivor on the PlayStation has gone from a simple port to nearly a completely new game that I’m very proud of.”

Along with a completely new lighting system designed to improve the games distinctive style both on HD televisions and the vibrant Vita screen, The Director’s Cut edition also features hundreds of tweaks and changes to the original game including new dialogue, over twenty new items, brand new endings, trophies and secrets. The console release also marks the first time Lone Survivor has been available in other languages, with fully localised German and French text.