Nnooo bringing the award-winning ORBITOR to consoles

Not sure which consoles, that's to be confirmed, but this would look pretty slick on the Vita's OLED (in your face, soon-to-be Vita 2000 LCD owners). ORBITOR, currently on Steam for PC is described as a visually stunning action adventure game (and having watched the video its hard to disagree) which takes place in space themed environments ranging from nebulas to complex orbital systems.

Within each space system players must control a space probe named ORBITOR to lock it onto objects, orbit them to gather speed, destroy them and collect the energy life forms they release. The probe is an autonomous and self repairing Artificial Intelligence returning to its place of origin complete with upgraded abilities and a new mission - to stop its creator.

The developers say, "As the game is developing it is important that we make sure any platform it comes to is a great fit and that ORBITOR makes the best use of each platform's capabilities. We'll have more details in the near future." Nnooo describes itself as an independent game development studio and publisher focusing on Nintendo and Sony platforms, which sounds hopefuly.

Orbitor features:
  • Fast and addictive gameplay. 
  • Unique momentum-based orbiting controls and custom physics. 
  • Stunning visuals. 
  • Immersive sound design and awesome sound track (listen on Soundcloud). 
  • Super fast level-to-level progression and menu-to-level transitions for uninterrupted gameplay. 
  • Open and freely explorable environments and level selection. 
  • Constantly moving level objects and elements.