Sony confirms Gaikai streaming PS3 games to Vita in 2014

America might be the place to be for the ultimate PlayStation experience in 2014. That's the only confirmed location for Gaikai streaming PS3 games to PS4, Vita and Vita TV, so far. The news comes from Sony's Shuhei Yoshida (@yosp on Twitter) talking at Tokyo Games Show.

The service will start with a limited number of games and build up from there, which sounds pretty odd considering Gaikai was a fully up-and-running service before Sony acquired it. However, as long as we eventually get a decent library of PS one, PS2 and PS3 games to play wherever, whenever, with cloud saves, I could probably die a happy gamer.

I do suspect the service will require an additional subscription beyond PS+, or there will be a super-bundle of Sony's Plus, Music, Video and Streaming services, which would be kind of cool, but I'm guessing rather expensive, especially with the constant broadband use on top. No word on Europe, but I've shot down Sony's bullshit on this before, there is no excuse for a big delay.