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Jet Set Radio and Pinball Arcade for Vita PS Plus users in January

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PS Vita firmware 2.02 out now

Knytt Underground free on PlayStation Plus today

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Surge Concerto getting Reincarnated in Japan

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Vita getting Capcom Arcade classics

Muramasa Demon Blade trailer looking sharp

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Cosmic Clean-Up tidying up on PSM next week

Lady pirates in bikinis brighten up Sega's Shining Ark

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War of Sonria raging on PSP minis

BitTrip Runner 2 racing to the Vita in January

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Japanese mag scans show Project Versus J pits Dragon Ball against One Piece

PS Vita sales hold steady in Japan

Big Sky Infinity is now up on the EU PSN

Festive sale for Vita and PSP games coming to EU PSN

Sound Shapes audio DLC to help throw some new shapes

escapeVektor arriving next week on PS Vita

FuturLab teaser site for new Vita game

FuturLab signs to Sony for more Vita games

AKB1/149 to sell Vita like hot cakes or chicks in Japan

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