Watch the Soul Sacrifice demo in action

The demo has hit the Japanese PSN and the world is trying out this demonic monster slaying title in droves. On top is a new near-15 minute video from Japan showing off the awesome soundtrack, twisted graphics and gameplay.

Below is a 50 minute run through of the demo from an American with a Japanese PSN account. You can find how to create and setup a Japanese PSN account and get these and other demos (it helps to have two memory sticks (and probably two Vitas)) here and here.

Note the demo lets you carry characters over to the full game, although that probably won't work here unless you have a full-time Japanese account. Interestingly, Soul Sacrifice is only down at No. 15 on Amazon Japan's pre-order page, I'll monitor that and see if it shoots up on the back of the demo (Phantasy Star is No. 1 if you're bothered).