PSN EU Update, Football, Fighting and Lemmings

So, the PSN update for Europe is live, and having rushed to take advantage of the PlayStation Plus offer this morning, I find there's nothing new for Vita owners apart from some scrappy PSP sale items and 10% off Rayman.

On the plus side, all-time classic Lemmings is there for free (with paid-for content), Uncharted Fight for Fortune makes a bow, and WRC 3 is finally on the store. There's a placeholder for Sonic All Stars for Friday at £34.99, but I've seen it at £25 online, so that's just silly.

PSP and Vita owners get the new Football Manager Handheld 2013 edition, while the Invizimals games are now on offer, do they work with the Vita's camera? If you do get WRC, remember to download the free DLC tracks, and there's yet more DLC for Street Fighter x Tekken.