PS Vita firmware 2.02 out now

Sony tweeted about this yesterday,
PS Vita update v2.02 is coming soon. It's a minor, optional update that improves software stability during use of some features.
And now the new firmware update is live for your PS Vita, but since it doesn't do anything exciting there shouldn't be much of a rush to grab it. On the plus side it is a really quick download, not like the big hump upgrade to 2.00, so won't take much out of your day.

Remember, Sony - you still need to put a cool boot up effect and chime on the Vita, can't believe you've still to add that essential feature. The last dinky 2.01 update was to fix cloud saves, so it looks like Sony has a few more things to smoothe out before we get something meaty in a 2.10 update.