Maybe, just maybe, a Metal Gear Vita announcement coming soon

I won't go into all the mad 'Phantom Pain is for the Vita' gossip going around, but next week's Famitsu is promising something big for Metal Gear fans. Given Hideo Kojima's liking for the Vita and transfaring, and Sony's refusal to drop the handheld's price (something it would only likely do if there were a few big games coming), its not too far from logical to suggest that something sneaky could be coming our way.

Sure, we were promised Metal Gear Rising and that never happened, and we were teased with Zone of the Enders HD which has yet to materialise, but that doesn't mean that the folks who took all the care over the Metal Gear HD Collection for Vita aren't hard at work.

It could be Metal Gear 4 for the Vita, or Metal Gear 5 PS3/Vita crossplay, or one of these off-shoot games, even some of the earlier titles, or (of course) nothing to do with the Vita at all. We'll see next week, what MGS would you most like to play on the Vita?