Monster Hunter 4 delayed on 3DS, good and bad news for Vita?

The web is rife with sobbing from Nintendo gamers who won't be playing the shiny new Monster Hunter anytime soon. It has been delayed in Japan until the summer, nixing the head-to-head release with Keiji Inafune's Soul Sacrifice on the Vita. Of course they still have MH3 Ultimate to enjoy.

That means, in the short term, more Japanese gamers could pick up a Vita to try out Soul Sac out in the absence of a new HM. However, if Capcom does have an expiry date on its exclusive deal with Nintendo, then this could delay the arrival of (presumably) Monster Hunter 4 Freedom on the Vita (pushing it well in to 2014).

We'll see in the fullness of time, but hopefully it gives Soul Sacrifice lots of breathing space for its own demonic brand of hunting gameplay.