Amazon giving Vita buyers free Virtue's Last Reward

Amazon in the U.S. has unveiled a new offer for those buying a PS Vita. You can now pick a Vita up and it will be bundled with Aksys' Zero Escape: Virtue’s Last Reward (worth $40). The offer works with most bundles, so you can get Madden, ACIII, or CoD as well, which might help sweeten the deal for those who held out over Thanksgiving.

The game has picked up a number of accolades including IGN’s Editor’s Pick and Amazon’s Top 20 Video Game List for 2012 and is is currently one of 64 video games in the running for GameSpot People’s Choice Award.

No such offer on the UK site, but this is a seriously good visual novel experience, well worth trying (there's a demo on PSN you can test out.)