Vita sales up in Japan despite no new games

Hmm, the latest Japanese games and hardware charts are out and despite no new big-name Vita games for a couple of weeks, sales, which were holding steady around 11,000, are now up to 14,500. Is this just a holiday sales thing, or is the Vita finally turning itself around? While that's still far from what it needs to be selling (about 10 times as much), there does seem to be a bit of a shift in momentum.

The PSP managed to sell 33,000 units which is far from shabby, I wonder how much longer Sony will keep up production when it needs to sell the Vita? However, with games developers rightfully focusing on the PSP with the likes of Sega's Shining Ark on the way and Marvelous' Misteria British Detective, Sony can't really cull it yet.