Friday, October 30, 2015

PlayStation Plus lineup for November revealed

The Vita picks up the new action role player Dragon Fin Soup and Invizimals (PSP) next month. That's pretty light, but I'm looking forward to Dragon Fin Soup, however, if you backed that on Kickstarter last year, then you're effectively not getting any free Vita games this month, which is rather depressing.

UPDATE: Dragon Fin Soup is now live on PSN, and with a £15.99 RRP is actually looking quite the deal on PS+, so perhaps not quite a harsh a month as thought - unless you hate RPGs. The game weighs in at 426MB, so won't eat your over-priced memory card.

The Walking Dead Season 2 (PS4)
Magicka 2 (PS4)
Dragon Fin Soup (PS4, PS Vita, PS3)
Mass Effect 2 (PS3)
Beyond Good and Evil (PS3)
InviZimals (PS Vita)

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Borderlands patch 1.08 frees up more memory, improves playabililty

Kudos to Iron Galaxy who have another patch out for the Vita version of Borderlands 2, using the recent OS tweaks, to free up more memory - which they say improves playability. I'll give it a shot tomorrow and let you know if there's any obvious signs of improvement.

UPDATE: After some play over the weekend, it crashed just a few minutes in - possibly coincidence, but worrying. I think the particles or their volume could be new, but there's not much overall boost to performance or smoothness.

User comments suggest the menus are now a bit snappier, general smoothness in game, let us know what you think!

Patch 1.08 notes highlight:

* Fixed various bugs.
* Improved overall playability.
* Additional vehicle control option.
* Added sort by value option for inventory.
* Added user's support ID in ShiFT menu.
* Increased drop rate of legendary items across the game.
* Update PlayStation Vita SDK to 3.500.
* Enabled +77 MB expanded memory mode.

Sony in profit, Vita doesn't exist

Sony is a funny old company, it roars back into profit on the strength of strong PS4 sales, and even though the Vita is still doing comparably well in Japan, the company totally fails to mention it in its latest results.

Sony has shipped out some 4 million PS4 units to retailers during its latest, bringing global total shipments to over 29 million to date. Having announced selling 25 million in the summer. Assuming all those shipped units sell thanks to the price cut, Sony should be celebrating 30 million sales soon,

While Sony mentions declining PS3 sales, the Vita which still sells well in Japan - some 200K down on last year, so far, with fewer big game releases. Also, Sony is "happy" with its performance in the west, according to the company, yet doesn't get a mention.

PSN sales are up 57% this year, of which the Vita must be playing its part due to declining physical release. So, even if Sony can ignore the Vita, it continues to contribute.

Given the recent PS4, PS VR only Paris Games Week event, it looks like Sony's corporate bosses are trying to airbrush the Vita out of history, fast. Even Apple recognised its niche Apple TV as a hobby product through out its life.

Hopefully some analysts will ask pointy questions during the investor calls, will update if there's anything.

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

MechRunner release still set for end of year

Spark Plug Games' MechRunner shooter is still due to hit Sony platforms by the end of the year, according to an update on the game's Kickstarter page. As a backer I'm looking forward to picking this up on the Vita. The Steam version should land this month.

Along with the schedule update, is news of new features, including improved interface design, a new time-based slicing action for the sword wielding robot and energy transmitters to help charge your bots as they rampage through the levels.

Enjoy the silence, of the Japanese Chart

Vita sales dip 1,500 this week in Japan, as the country (hopefully) gets ready for more God Eater madness, and Yomawari, both launching tomorrow. On the plus side, sales remain above last year, keeping that recent trend running.

No new new entries on the software side, with both Minecraft and Tokyo Xanadu sticking around in the Media Create top 20.

08./09. [PSV] Minecraft: PlayStation Vita Edition (Sony Computer) - 7.574 / 375.264 (-11%)
14./12. [PSV] Tokyo Xanadu # (Nihon Falcom) - 4.793 / 116.835 (-37%)

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

AeternoBlade 2 on the way to the Vita

Time bending arcade adventure AeternoBlade was a decent success for Corecell, selling more than they hoped and enabling the sequel to be developed. A Super Set Bundle of the original launches on PSN this week to celebrate.

The team has announced AeternoBlade 2, which  will have a new time manipulation mechanism and more action features, while keeping the Metriodvania style, with PS Vita and 3DS as lead platforms.

For now they just have the characters to share, but more news will be forthcoming with a second quarter 2016 release. 

Dynasty Warriors 8 gets Vita dedicated features

Remember the Vita's touchscreen? Some games still do! Koei has introduced new intuitive touchscreen controls on the Vita for actions such as calling their faithful steed or activating ‘Rage’ states!

The touchscreen can also be used to select and activate Stratagems, Dynasty Warriors 8’s special skills cards collection, allowing the player faster and more accurate control of the battlefield.


Since even the most powerful Warriors might need a helping hand, it also offers two-player ad hoc co-op to help survive the fierce battles of ‘Empire Mode’, or overcome the challenging scenarios in ‘Free Mode’. The game is also PS TV compatible, Cross-Save and Cross-Play for the big screen editions.

Early buyers also get (via PSN within first month from release) a ‘Special Edit Parts’ pack, includes equipment and costumes based on fan favourite characters.

Monday, October 26, 2015

HellDivers keeps marching with the DLC

Arrowhead and Sony are keeping going with the downloadables for HellDivers, still one of the most popular games on PSN - guess I'll have to give it a go now!

A PSN blog post highlights the features in the new free Democracy Strikes Back update, with new missions, more ranks and some paid DLC in the form of new reinforcement units.

Bombing Busters blasts on to the Vita

Sanuk produced an interesting range of PSP games, from drumming to instrumental and shape-based fun. The company moved to focus on PS4 games more recently, with Bombing Busters (originally known as Bombing Bastards) arriving a few months back. But now the nostalgic grenade-chucking game is making the trip to the PS Vita.

Just don't say Bomberman okay! Bombing Busters lands on the PlayStation Store for PS Vita this week, Cross-buy if you got the PS4 edition. Here's a clip from the big screen version.

EU PSN Halloween sale full of spooky goodness

There's a bunch of good stuff up on the EU Halloween sale, ranging from the must buy Demon Gaze for £6 to Walking Dead and Wolf Among Us series, plus olde Resident Evil and Castlevania to tempt any gamer.

Review: Kung Fu Rabbit

Has there ever been a more perfect portable game? I'm trying hard to think of one outside the original Angry Birds. I picked up Kung Fu Rabbit from Neko on this month's PS+ roster and was instantly hooked. It offers short, perfectly placed puzzle platforming, with a dusting of power ups to make challenges easier to overcomes.

Trophies come fast and furious, but just when you think you've mastered the game, along come the difficult levels and you have to rethink your tactics or improve your reflexes yet again. The mission for young floppy-eared Kung Fu Rabbit is to rescue the bunny disciples, kidnapped from their temple by an Ultimate Evil.

Despite his title, Mr. Rabbit, is pretty soft and fluffy really. One touch of black ooze, spiky plants or the claw of one the evil minions will end the level. However, via power ups, such as a rabbit soul waypoints, ice that freezes collapsing walls, climbing claws and power auras to zap the nasties among others - you can generally overcome any obstacle with a bit of thought and repetition.

All these extras cost carrots, that you pick up around the levels, and you can enter the store at any time, allowing you to change tactics as required or when you get stuck, as long as you have some orange currency to hand.

Through a mix of clever jumping, inspired timing and learning of patterns, plus finding those secret spots for bonus carrots, Kung Fu Rabbit pulls you in and cutely refuses to let go. Among his strengths are a great wall-hang ability, decent jumping ability, and if you throw some carrot juice down his neck, he can put on a decent turn of speed.

With bonus levels, the more difficult rerun to really challenge gamers, plus some fun juggling costumes (there should be more), the power ups and trying to master a particularly sticky level, Kung Fu Rabbit is a work of minor genius. Now rather sorry I missed it first time around.

Score 8/10
More reviews
Price: £3.99 on PSN (currently free for PS+ in October)
Dev: Neko
Progress: Into the tough levels

Sony gives some love to the Vita

Look everyone, Sony still loves the Vita. Oh, perhaps not! Sorry if the title seems a bit clickbait, but it was all that came to mind when I saw these little hearts pop up on checking PSN store this morning in the UK.

We now have a wishlist, so can add all those games that we want, but will wait until they are a bit cheaper, Or, those games that we plan to pick up in the future, or simply would like to own one day when funds allow (that'll be a big list then).

Of course, Sony giveth and Sony taketh right back, as there are never any PS Vita games in the Coming Soon section (Sword Art Online: Lost Song is there for PS4, but not the Vita) - so its not like you can plan for the future with this feature.

Space Hulk knocks politely to get into the UK chart

Funbox may be a small publisher, but even it managed a new record with next to no news, reviews or hype for the relatively big name Space Hulk game. Even so, somehow, it managed to creep unnoticed up to No. 4 in the UK retail chart and No. 8 on Amazon UK.

1. Minecraft (Sony)
2. LEGO Jurassic World (Warner)
3. COD Black Ops Declassified (Activision)
4. Space Hulk (Funbox)
5. LEGO Batman 3 (Warner)

Over on Amazon UK, the current Best Seller list looks like this:

1. Minecraft (Sony)
2. LEGO Jurassic World (Warner)
3. Persona 4 Golden (NISA)
4. FIFA 15 (EA)
5. LEGO Batman 3 (Warner)

And on Sony's whackjob PSN:

1. Metal Slug 3 (SNK)
2. Hotline Miami 2 (Devolver)
3. WRC 5 (Big Ben)
4. Dungeon Travelers 2 (NISA)
5. HillDivers (Sony)

With the Halloween sale kicking in, expect plenty of spooky games up there next week.

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Get with the Superbeat Xonix gameplay trailer

Hot on the heels of those gorgeous limited editions comes a new gameplay trailer of the hottest music game since Persona 4: Dancing All Night and Hatsune Miku, and all the other rhythm games that have landed on the Vita.

So, get hypnotised by this latest Vita trailer and get ready for more trance, dance and musical genius to batter your ear drums.

Friday, October 23, 2015

A first look at Dragon Quest Builders in action on the Vita

Jump to about 17 minutes into this video and see about a minute's worth of the Vita edition of Dragon Quest Builders being played live. It might lack a bit of the pop of the PS4 screens that have been published this week, but I'll take it! (I'm sure it would have looked better on an OLED model).

Square do seem to be putting a huge amount of effort in to the DQB, and with the success of Minecraft over there could this be the game to give the Vita a massive kick?

After checking out the Vita version, the first part of the clip involves the PS4 version and some close-up looks.

Tumblestone takes a new shot at Match 3 games

Coming out on every format imaginable, including the Vita, Tumblestone adds a clever tweak to the usual match 3 gameplay, as you have to zap the blocks to create the lines of three. Due in 2016, it should help while away some dead time between major releases.

The press releases lists a bunch of features, hopefully all of which, expect 1080p should make it to the Vita. 
  • Addictive Gameplay: Playing "just a few more rounds" with friends could easily turn into a late-night Tumblestone marathon. 
  • Beautiful Visuals: 100% hand-drawn, 1080p artwork. 
  • The vibrant scenes and dynamic characters bring the game to life. 
  • Multiplayer: Challenge your friends and/or the AIs in local or online versus modes, or work together in the cooperative mode. 
  • Single-Player: Sharpen your skills with the Marathon, Heartbeat, and Puzzle game types. 
  • Variety: A dozen charming characters and backgrounds to unlock.

Volume still on mute, but its coming says Mike

Mike Bithell has put up a blog post on PSN about a Volume VR expansion, Coda. He notes the original game is still coming to the Vita, but has hit a couple of bumps along the way. Those bumps have seen it drop down my release list but I'm patient.

The Vita version will come with the Cbeckpoints update, so be the full thing, and if you got it on PS4, it remains Cross Buy.

Spike shares some more views of the Grand Kingdom

Grand Kingdoms is on its way to Japan, launching in the busiest week of the year. Here's a new trailer highlighting the upcoming demo, which will carry over a player's status to the full game. Expect plenty of strategising and tactics as players build an army for battling through the story and online modes.

Considering Grand Knights History never made it west, I'm not sure this will, but here's hoping we get to play as those horribly made up western character names.

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Sony's Paris Games Week event, boobs or bust?

With even major game sites like VG24/7 calling it "a PS4 press conference" it looks like everyone outside of our jolly little band has now forgotten the PS Vita exists.

So, without getting expectations up, will Sony try and generate interest with a boob-fest? Imagine throwing the collective cleavage of Senran Kagura, Uppers, Criminal Girls and so on at a stunned audience!

Realistically, with just five days to go, there's no reason at all to get excited, but you can still watch the show here or on Twitch. Since Sony doesn't even bother touting Vita as a Remote Play device these days, seriously, don't expect a bean - especially as the PS4 just got an EU price cut with not even a slight trim in memory card prices for those of suffering with huge digital collections.

Even the 2DS has enjoyed a nice trim to tempt seasonal shoppers, but Sony's focus seems purely on PS4. Even if it had designed and built a PS Vita HD upgrade in the labs, I doubt it would get a western release now. But, hey, is it too much to ask for a quick sizzle reel and a few euros off memory cards?

Trillion: God of Destruction, laying waste next spring

The Japanese original confused the heck out of me, but now its coming west, things make a little more sense. It sees you as a Zeabolos, battling against a god with a trillion hit points.

With six Overlord candidates at your disposal, change the tide of battle through rigorous training, forging strong bonds, and making painful sacrifices, all to stop Trillion from consuming the Underworld in this groundbreaking and emotional strategy RPG!

Check out the game's official site for more details, a Vita exclusive it is coming in physical form and digital early next year.

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

One Piece Burning Blood details big battles ahead

The next One Piece game features Luffy taking on all comers with the likes of Sabo, Ace, Bartolomeo, Ener, Crocodile and Bartolomeo, stepping into the ring, along with Smoker and a few others yet to be announced.

Burning Blood has several features that add a level of strategy to the fighting in the game. Ever dreamt of Luffy, Sabo and Ace fighting together as one epic team against their enemies? Well players can create a team of 3 characters and swap them out in order to gain a tactical advantage.

Certain characters can use special Logia Moves for unique abilities: allowing players to burn through their enemies or even move faster than lightning! Logia Fruits also allow the use of Logia Guard: where some characters are untouchable by physical attacks for limited amount of time. However, the powerful Haki blow is a solid counter to this guard. Last but not least, as in the original Manga, Devil Fruits will be the source of unique massive Special Attacks and Reinforced Special Attacks!

Vita holds steady in Japan as zombies invade Neptunia

The Vita continues its run of tracking above previous years' sales suggesting that things are looking slightly (really, very slightly) up. That can only be thanks to the new Neptunia game crashing into the top 5, while Minecraft and Tokyo Xanadu continue to sell reasonably.

01./00. [3DS] 7th Dragon III Code: VFD (Sega)  - 72.477 / NEW
02./01. [3DS] Yo-Kai Watch Busters:  (Level 5)- 26.512 / 1.654.171 (-6%)
03./04. [WIU] Super Mario Maker # (Nintendo)  - 21.357 / 321.222 (-13%)
04./00. [PSV] Blanc + Hyperdimension Neptunia Vs. Zombie (Compile Heart) - 19.990 / NEW
09./16. [PSV] Minecraft: PlayStation Vita Edition (Sony)  - 8.544 / 367.716 (+13%)
12./07. [PSV] Tokyo Xanadu # (Nihon Falcom) {2015.09.30} (¥6.998) - 7.627 / 112.041 (-51%)

Hardware-wise, the Vita now has five weeks in a row tracking above last year, selling another 15,000+ units this week. It isn't huge, but it will keep the portable going into 2016. Week 44 should be the big one with God Eater Ressurection and Yomawari selling well. 

See last week's numbers

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Tune your gaming ears with the Turtle Beach PX24

Having squashed my olde Turtle Beach headset, I recently picked up a cheap Sennheiser pair to carry on my Vita gaming without disturbing the family. However, I may be tempted by these bass boosting PX24s that are at the portable-device-friendly end of Turtle Beach's new line up.

The PX24 is a multiplatform gaming headset for consoles, PC, Mac, portable gaming and mobile/tablet devices. It features Ear Force SuperAmp, Turtle Beach’s battery powered, in-line amplifier that delivers crisp highs and thundering lows to the PX24’s full range 50mm speakers.

The SuperAmp offers fingertip controls, allowing listeners to tune the headset to their preferred gaming platform, and provides Turtle Beach Virtual Surround Sound, Variable Mic Monitoring and Variable Bass Boost.

It also features an adjustable mic for in game chat, at a reasonable price of £69.99.

Gundam EXtreme Vs-Force gets limited edition Vita

More pretty limited consoles for Japan, as Bandai's latest Gundam exploits in Extreme Vs Force get some cool back panels on the Vita and Vita TV. Even the boxes look pretty cool for these, if anyone fancies sending us one, more than appreciated!

They're out on 23 December and come with a custom theme, and the first edition of the game that has its own extra features. More pics including the theme on Dengeki, and check out last week's gameplay video.

Latest Lumo video is isometric brilliance

Having just written about Shahid's Chimera, that got me thinking about another game I'd mentioned recently. And, low and behold, Gareth Noyce of Triple Eh? Studios has a new(ish) video out for his gorgeous looking Lumo.

It throws in a whole heap of gaming classic ideas from Indiana Jones to Nebulus, Donkey Kong to Duke Nukem, its all in there and looks fantastically rendered, lit and polished. Is 2016 the year that isometric gaming has a bit of a comeback? That's no bad thing

Meet the denizens of Dragon Quest Builders

I'm starting to think this is seriously no Minecraft clone now, after yesterday's peek in to the land of Merkid, check out today's shots from Square in Japan that show off a host of knights, nasties and some of the delicate scenery that helps add to the atmosphere.

A few more pics over on Dengeki.

Shahid may bring his own Chimera to the Vita

Chimera was an eight-bit hit some 30 years on the Commodore 64, and a project that Sony's Shahid Kamal has been revisiting on and off outside of his current developer relations role. Now he's asking the community if we'd like a revamped sequel on the Vita.

As someone who loved the Ultimate games like Alien8 and Knightlore, and Jon Ritman's Batman as a kid, it sounds like an attractive proposition. Find a little more about the project here.

Hope for more news from the big man next week out of Paris Games Show, based on some of his recent tweets. But - as usual - who knows!

Monday, October 19, 2015

Sword Art Online trailer takes the wraps of a mysterious guild

Less than a month to go until Sword Art Online Lost Song hits on the PS4 and Vita in Europe. This latest trailer introduces the mysterious guild. One mystery is, will that subtitle text be readable on the PS Vita screen - assuming this footage comes from the PS4 version. Hopefully Bandai is thinking ahead there.

Dragon Quest Builders is looking mighty fine

Square has put up a collection of new screenshots of Dragon Quest Heroes and boy does it look great. The aim is to rebuild a city that has fallen on hard times by gathering natural resources and fighting off the pests that threaten it, and getting the citizens back to work.

Yes, it might just be a big MineCraft rip off, but there looks like enough of a difference to ensure this will be huge in Japan thanks to the DQ badge, and popular enough elsewhere to merit translation.

UPDATE: Newer pics here.

A few more pics on (Japanese). That last shot shows a portal you can use to zip around the map to new areas of the world.

Heads up for the BlazBlue: Chronophantasma Extend EU Release Trailer

BlazBlue was the second ever PS Vita game I played, reveling in the lunatic characters and bonkers combat. The latest version is almost here, releasing on Friday with 28 characters and a host of new modes, as shown in this all-new trailer.

The latest iteration's features include:

  • A wealth of single player modes, including Arcade mode, Score Attack, Abyss mode, Unlimited Mars and Highlander Attack.
  • 28 playable characters, including the all-new Celica A. Mercury.
  • All the DLC from the original Chronophantasma, a rebalanced fighting system, new netplay features and improved netcode that includes cross-platform play between PS4 and PS3.
  • Story Mode features new story chapters as well as recap segments of the story so far in Calamity Trigger and Continuum Shift.
  • Brand new remix heart mode. Based on the popular manga BlazBlue: Remix Heart, Remix Heart Gaiden is a heart-warming comedic story featuring two high school girls, Mai Natsume and Kajun Faycott, as well as the characters from the main story, Noel, Tsubaki, and Makoto.
  • Peerless art and animation. BlazBlue is the pinnacle of 2D fighting excellence, boasting gorgeous, fluid, high-resolution sprites for an anime-style fighting experience like no other.

The continuing adventures of Atelier Sophie character trailers

Another week, more people to meet from the cast of Gust's Atelier Sophie. Today's chap is gun-toting, crazy-haired, Harold, who joins the roster of Sophie's friends revealed last week. His weaponry seems pretty useful in combat, but are we really going to trust someone with such a teeny-tiny beard?

Actual new entries in the UK Vita chart

Aquaplus' RPG Dungeon Travelers 2 breaks up the slumber of the Vita UK retail chart with a No. 3 entry that probably means it sold about 202 copies. To be fair, it only sold around 20,000 in Japan - so 1%, yay! Try the free demo on PSN if you want to give this a spin.

In at No. 5 is WRC 5 from Big Ben, which might just have managed 146 sales (guessing wildly here). A shame the series has moved developers from Milestone, and that they stopped working on MotoGP on Vita, which could have sold decent numbers given the cracking season coming to a nail-biting climax.


Who really knows, since the numbers never get published due to the feeble pressure of publishers, and with digital sales these could all be in the gazillions! Minecraft continues its dogged possession of No. 1, perhaps Persona 4 Dancing All Night can nobble it in a few weeks.

Chart information Copyright UKIE

Over on Amazon's UK Vita best sellers chart, as of Monday morning, shows:

1. Minecraft
2. LEGO Jurassic World
3. Persona 4 Golden
4. FIFA 15
5. Dungeon Travelers 2

In terms of pre-orders on Amazon UK, we have:

1. Persona 4 Dancing All Night
2. Space Hulk
3. Sword Art Online Lost Song
4. Superbeat Xonic
5. Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel
6. Lego Marvel Avengers
7. Persona 4 Dancing All Night Fever Limited Edition
8. There is no 8
9. Are you joking?
10. hahahahhahaha

On Sony's own cute and cuddly Vita PSN Top Sellers list, we have:

1. Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number
2. Metal Slug 3
3. Dengeki Bunko Fighting Climax
4. Ar nosuge Plus
5. Helldivers
6. Resident Evil 2 Revelations
7. Farming Simulator 16
8. LBP Marvel Edition
9. Sword Art Online Hollow Fragment
10. Hotline Miami

Superbeat Xonix's opening trailer plays all the right beats

From the beyond excellent limited editions to the fast and furious gameplay, Superbeat Xonic is definitely doing everything right, and seems to have got the vita community excited for a rhythm game that seems to be overshadowing even Persona 4 Dancing All Night.

Hope that translates into great sales for the game, in the mean time, headphones on and get to the beat with the games intro and character video.

More Tokyo Twilight Ghost Hunters on the way

Either a Special Edition or a whole new game (also for PS4 and PS3 now), Arc System's Tokyo Twilight Ghost Hunters is back with a new site and a catchy new theme tune. Promising more characters, missions and so on.

The original visual novel came west thanks to Aksys, to mixed opinion if I recall, here's hoping they've polished up whatever was lacking in that version. The new edition will be out at the end of November.

Was anyone a fan? Let us know what it was like.

UPDATE: Now with a trailer:

Friday, October 16, 2015

Don't get the timelines knotted with a Steins Gate tie

Yep, its Friday and the news is light. But just when it is nearly packing up time and the pub beckons, what's this? A Steins Gate tie! If anyone is heading out to Japan, I'd love one of these!

Its part of a bunch of events and merchandise for the game's fifth anniversary, and with Steins Gate 0 launching in Japan shortly on the Vita, there is plenty to celebrate. As you may have seen on my Twitter, you can find new icons for the crew here

Nintendo drops 2DS price, will Sony respond?

Nintendo has shaved a hefty chunk off the price of a Nintendo 2DS, and lots of other products in the home entertainment sector will start seeing cuts as the holiday sales season looms. It can now be found for £80 plus a game.

UPDATE: Looks like the PS4 price drop is filtering in, no word on anything Vita.

I suspect that makes no difference to Sony, they apparently sell so few PS Vita consoles that it makes little difference at what price they retail for. So far, Sony has shown no interest apart from one minor bundle in promoting the Vita this year in the UK, so why cut the price.

There's the new colour blue model in the States, but that too seems half-arsed minimal promotion. Still, a price cut would give the media something to talk about, would make the Vita look more attractive on the few shelves it is still sold from and remind the world that Sony still cares.

Of course Sony could offer a price cut, and screw it up at the same time. If it announces a cut at the same time as it drops the PS4 price, which has had a trim in Japan and the US, the PS4 cut will grab all the news.

Thursday, October 15, 2015

The Legend of Heroes: Trailers of Cold Steel appears after XSeed's secret show

XSeed made a bunch of hush hush announcements yesterday, largely about games we've played on Vita coming to PC. But now the content is starting to appear, the company is still supporting the Vita with a story trailer and some action footage of The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel.

Since Fallout 4 has proper Remote Play controls, check out the new trailer

Yes, its not a PS Vita, but get used to this! Since PlayStation Now and Remote Play let us play big name games on your handheld, that's pretty much its future.

The good news is, the developers are taking care to ensure a decent Remote Play experience, when it comes to controls (your WiFi may limit other aspects).
So, enjoy the trailer and get ready to cough up for a PS4 if you really want to make your Vita a part of your gaming family beyond 2016.

Stay alive on the Organ Trail

Taking retro gaming to almost new highs, Organ Trail is an old web game that's kept on living, rather like the survivors who inhabit the zombie filled game. It was Kickstarted on iOS a couple of years back, and while it could play on any 8-bit computer, the Complete Edition is heading the PS4 and Vita.

With Cross Buy and Cross Save, and co-op mode, you can carry on the adventure on the go, check out the live action clip on the PSN blog post that has a little more information, oh, and dysentery. 

Enjoy the beach life with the girls of Dead or Alive Xtreme 3

Oh go on then, I wasn't going to post this, but since its a slow news day. Dead or Alive Xtreme 3 hits the PS4 and Vita next year in two different versions. So, enjoy the sights and sounds of bums and boobs wobbling about in Tecmo's time out from their usual pummeling.

The Vita gets a Venus version, with some of the characters being chosen by a vote among Japanese gamers. Three have been revealed on the official site so far, with more to come. The game lands in February next year, should be an easy import if you still have the winter blues then!

New Odin Sphere character trailers

Meet Oswald and Velvet, two of the warriors battling through the world of Vanillaware's Odin Sphere remake. Taking on the dragons, demons and other beasts that inhabit the realsm, this gorgeous looking game is definitely on my to-buy list.

Each trailer shows some of the different levels, and a few character moves, but it all looks stunning and vivid. The game is confirmed for a western release next year.

UPDATE: Yep, another character trailer - meet Cornelius....

Which game will win between this and Atelier Sophie for the most character clips on a week?

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Kick Off Revival plays a one-two on PS4 and Vita

British and European men (and hopefully some ladies) will be sighing into their cups of tea (or expresso) right now. Kick Off was a legendary 16-bit soccer game that had friends crammed around their Amiga or Atari ST hoofing a tiny ball around between their tiny player figures.
Eminently playable, the ability to swerve the ball post-touch was revolutionary, and Kick Off was a great game to develop new skills and tactics on. Creator Dino Dini is bringing it back on the PS4 and PS Vita, notionally in 3D. All we have for now is a logo and a promise of a 2016 release, with much of the project sounding like a concept. Check out the PS blog for more details.

Kick Off followed in the great tradition of football games with Match Day on Spectrum, International Soccer on Commodore 64. Even the first EA Soccer on Sega Megadrive was great fun, until the company ruined the series with slavish attempts at simulation and licensing everything in the game. Hopefully Kick Off will maintain that play over polish legacy in its new guise.

A quiet but good week for Vita sales in Japan

Week 41 on the Media Create chart was a fairly restrained one, with no Vita new entries in the top 20. Tokyo Xanadu drops from No. 1, but passes the 100,000 mark. The next games of interest are Yomawari and God Eater Resurrection out on the 29th, see the release schedule for the impressive line up out to the end of the year.

01./06. [3DS] Yo-Kai Watch Busters (Level 5) - 28.244 / 1.627.659 (-14%)
02./00. [3DS] Famista Returns (Bandai Namco) - 25.597 / NEW
03./00. [PS4] Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection (Sony) - 24.867 / NEW
07./01. [PSV] Tokyo Xanadu # (Nihon Falcom) - 15.535 / 104.415 (-83%)
16./19. [PSV] Minecraft: PlayStation Vita Edition (Sony) - 7.574 / 359.173 (-7%)
19./05. [PSV] Yoru no Nai Kuni # (Koei Tecmo) - 5.743 / 38.647 (-83%)

Despite that inactivity, Vita sales were firm, just above 15,000 for the week. If you want some good news, a peek at the chart shows the Vita tracking above last year's numbers for the last four weeks now.

See last week's sales info.

While we wonder where Monster Hunter 5 is, here's another Frontier G update

After Monster Hunter X arrives on the 3DS next month, we're up to date with Capcom's announcements, leaving 2016 clear for Monster Hunter 5. While I hope Japanese gamers are pummeling Capcom to make sure it arrives on Sony platforms, in the mean time those Monster Hunter Frontier G updates keep coming.
 In version 8.1, there's new armour, weapons and beasts with a distinctly blue, icy hue to them. More on Famitsu with pics and details. In the mean time, I'll try and figure out when an announcement for the next proper game in the series is likely to come.

New Atelier Sophie trailers - its Cornelia, Monika and Oscar

Hitting Japan in about a month, Gust's Atelier Sophie still looks to have the cleanest graphical style in a recent RPG. These new clips show off the talents and fighting skills of young Cornelia and Monika - one of Sophie's best friends and schooled in sword play, which should come in useful on their big adventure.

And here's Oscar, who presumably as the fat kid is here for comedy relief (wait for the inevitable), although he seems to know an awful lot about ingredients and plants, which should prove invaluable on Sophie's quest.

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Corpse Party loads up on dark imagery

There's a whole load of pics out from Marvelous to celebrate the US release of Corpse Party, EU next week. However, most of them are pretty bleak and very black, so here's some of the more lighter images to enjoy. If you want to think about the rest of the game, just close your eyes and think dark thoughts.

Check out the latest trailer and limited editions from earlier. The 3D update to this cute but grim series looks to be a serious contender for Vita game of the year, what do you think?