Sony in profit, Vita doesn't exist

Sony is a funny old company, it roars back into profit on the strength of strong PS4 sales, and even though the Vita is still doing comparably well in Japan, the company totally fails to mention it in its latest results.

Sony has shipped out some 4 million PS4 units to retailers during its latest, bringing global total shipments to over 29 million to date. Having announced selling 25 million in the summer. Assuming all those shipped units sell thanks to the price cut, Sony should be celebrating 30 million sales soon,

While Sony mentions declining PS3 sales, the Vita which still sells well in Japan - some 200K down on last year, so far, with fewer big game releases. Also, Sony is "happy" with its performance in the west, according to the company, yet doesn't get a mention.

PSN sales are up 57% this year, of which the Vita must be playing its part due to declining physical release. So, even if Sony can ignore the Vita, it continues to contribute.

Given the recent PS4, PS VR only Paris Games Week event, it looks like Sony's corporate bosses are trying to airbrush the Vita out of history, fast. Even Apple recognised its niche Apple TV as a hobby product through out its life.

Hopefully some analysts will ask pointy questions during the investor calls, will update if there's anything.