Kick Off Revival plays a one-two on PS4 and Vita

British and European men (and hopefully some ladies) will be sighing into their cups of tea (or expresso) right now. Kick Off was a legendary 16-bit soccer game that had friends crammed around their Amiga or Atari ST hoofing a tiny ball around between their tiny player figures.
Eminently playable, the ability to swerve the ball post-touch was revolutionary, and Kick Off was a great game to develop new skills and tactics on. Creator Dino Dini is bringing it back on the PS4 and PS Vita, notionally in 3D. All we have for now is a logo and a promise of a 2016 release, with much of the project sounding like a concept. Check out the PS blog for more details.

Kick Off followed in the great tradition of football games with Match Day on Spectrum, International Soccer on Commodore 64. Even the first EA Soccer on Sega Megadrive was great fun, until the company ruined the series with slavish attempts at simulation and licensing everything in the game. Hopefully Kick Off will maintain that play over polish legacy in its new guise.