Review: Kung Fu Rabbit

Has there ever been a more perfect portable game? I'm trying hard to think of one outside the original Angry Birds. I picked up Kung Fu Rabbit from Neko on this month's PS+ roster and was instantly hooked. It offers short, perfectly placed puzzle platforming, with a dusting of power ups to make challenges easier to overcomes.

Trophies come fast and furious, but just when you think you've mastered the game, along come the difficult levels and you have to rethink your tactics or improve your reflexes yet again. The mission for young floppy-eared Kung Fu Rabbit is to rescue the bunny disciples, kidnapped from their temple by an Ultimate Evil.

Despite his title, Mr. Rabbit, is pretty soft and fluffy really. One touch of black ooze, spiky plants or the claw of one the evil minions will end the level. However, via power ups, such as a rabbit soul waypoints, ice that freezes collapsing walls, climbing claws and power auras to zap the nasties among others - you can generally overcome any obstacle with a bit of thought and repetition.

All these extras cost carrots, that you pick up around the levels, and you can enter the store at any time, allowing you to change tactics as required or when you get stuck, as long as you have some orange currency to hand.

Through a mix of clever jumping, inspired timing and learning of patterns, plus finding those secret spots for bonus carrots, Kung Fu Rabbit pulls you in and cutely refuses to let go. Among his strengths are a great wall-hang ability, decent jumping ability, and if you throw some carrot juice down his neck, he can put on a decent turn of speed.

With bonus levels, the more difficult rerun to really challenge gamers, plus some fun juggling costumes (there should be more), the power ups and trying to master a particularly sticky level, Kung Fu Rabbit is a work of minor genius. Now rather sorry I missed it first time around.

Score 8/10
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Price: £3.99 on PSN (currently free for PS+ in October)
Dev: Neko
Progress: Into the tough levels