Soul Saga kickstarter funded, Vita a (not very big) stretch goal

More Soul Sacrifice monsters and quests for Japanese pain-dealers

Jeff Minter tweets first TxK Tempest Vita pics...

GAME pre-order goodies for Killzone Mercenary go live

Total Recoil hitting the Vita in July

Conception II trailer introduces more heroes, knickers

Indie shooter Gunslugs heads to the Vita

Jikkyou Powerful Pro Baseball 2013 to hit cuteness out of the park

10-game Vita bundle to tempt new players

Help get AeternoBlade on PS Vita via Indiegogo

Toukiden goes anime

JRPG frenzy, new Exstetra information rolls in

Chillingo joins the PlayStation Mobile fraternity, iBomber Defense and Feed me Oil inbound

Two Vita games chart in Japan, sales up 3,000

PSN hosting a cracking PSone sale

Hot, hot update for PlayStation Mobile titles

Sony proclaims its love for indie Vita developers

Sega's Project 575 game spills some red beans

Chronos Materia from Gust crossing the social/RPG divide on Vita

Hotline Miami hitting EU PSN store today for Vita

Vita getting some Pixel Junk Monsters Ultimate HD

If Sony does a Vita 2, meet its ideal screen in the Xperia Z Ultra

Sony giving Skype credit away to Vita owners

Sony promises a Vita show at Gamescom

Go compare... Toukiden on the Vita and PSP, and see the Vita demo in action

Ride the beast in Dragon's Crown

Zeboyd indie RPGs may appear on the Vita

Dragon Ball Z set to battle on European Vita systems

Epic Mickey 2 gets a trailer, still not convinced

Sony selling memory cards with 10 (download) games

Unit 13 coming free to PS+ next month

Vita enjoys a busy week on the PSN Update

Snow Light, a western visual novel to turn pages on the Vita

Exstetra gets an opening trailer of +1 genericness

Olli Olli rolls into action on the Vita at E3

MotoGP 13 video from the Vita version

Valhalla Knights gets an E3 trailer, looks old

Further adventures in Killzone Mercenary video

Batman Blackgate captured in action at E3

Dragon's Crown E3 trailer puts all the pieces together

Latest Famitsu scores from Japan

Vita sales slide below 10K in Japan, all waiting on Toukiden

Lego Batman 2: DC Super Heroes now £10 in PSN E3 sales

Open Me, aka the box game, opens up at E3 for the Vita

Hohokum trailer adds to the Vita's sense of fun

See Killzone Mercenary in action on a PS Vita

Rayman Legends whacks out the Vita

Hotline Miama E3 trailer, fighting the bad fight

Tearaway E3 trailer finally shows a decent use for the rear touchscreen

Flower E3 trailer blooms on the Vita

Check out Batman Blackgate in action on the Vita

Tecmo Koei trails Toukiden and Atelier Meruru at E3

EA press release confirms FIFA 14 for Vita, don't get any hopes up

PS Vita suffering from Contrast issues

New Final Fantasy X HD trailer flutters its eyelashes

Well that sucked! One free-to-play game and some DLC, big whoop!

Spain gets a Vita MotoGP bundle

Destiny of Spirits announced for PS Vita, free to play exclusive

Big Vita reveal coming today (before the Sony show)

OMG Zombies getting blown away on the Vita in HD

Sega shows off Phantasy Star Online 2 Episode 2

Ragnarok Ace gets an opening movie

Deathmatch Village trailer brings cheery combat to the Vita

No proper Silent Hill on the Vita? No worries, here's Forgotten Memories

PSN Charts for May, a whole lot of sacrificing going on

Further adventures in Japanese Ad-vita-ising

Hatsune Miku comes west, what is Sega PR thinking?

Skype, Facebook App updates for the Vita

Get access to the Killzone Mercenary demo through PS Home

FIFA 14 trailer shows off its tricks

PlayStation Mobile continues the games rush

Hardware sales flat in Japan, Valhalla Knights and Haiyore! Nyaruko-San charting for Vita

Coconut Dodge Revitalised hits PS+ for free

Phantasy Star Online hits 500,000 Vita downloads.

Dragon's Dogma free-to-play spin-off hitting the Vita

Killzone devs show off multiplayer maps

PSN puts up a PSP classics sale

Montezuma Blitz erroring for Vita gamers

What's written in the world of Gravity Rush

FieldRunners 2 storming the Vita soon

Stick it to the Man, platform-style on your Vita

Exstetra a new Japanese RPG hitting Vita in October

Plants vs Zombies 2 announced, lumbering out in July

Little Big change at the top of the PAL Vita chart

Sony US sweetens the Vita deal with $50 vouchers, but where are the mega games?