Plants vs Zombies 2 announced, lumbering out in July

There's no confirmation this will hit the Vita, but the over-priced original was top of the PSN chart for so long that I wouldn't be surprised to see it turn up sooner or later. And, with Sony's new-found love of indies (even though Popcap is now an EA entity), it'll likely appear on as many devices as possible.

There wasn't much that developer, Popcap, could do with the strict recipe of the original that would leave it as a genuine sequel. So, this time instead of tweaking the game mechanics, they've tweaked the timeline with new levels appearing in different eras thanks to a time-machine in the garage.

Lazy? Yep, but the original was fun enough and the new game will be out in July first on iOS for iPad and iPhone for those who are missing their zombie fun. Those versions will be free-to-play, but I'm pretty sure the Vita version will arrive feature-complete but at a price.