Hatsune Miku comes west, what is Sega PR thinking?

On a U.S. PSN blog post, Sega has proudly announced Hatsune Miku is coming west, for the PS3. But the staggering thing, at no point in the process behind this decision, did they go, "hey, we're posting this on the Sony blog, they might ask about the Vita version, shouldn't we have an answer prepared?"

Instead we have fluffy responses to those many requests that did appear like "I don’t have any news on a VITA version, sorry! But I will be reading all the comments and sharing them with others at SEGA." And this is despite the fact the Vita's DLC is part of the PS3 version, which means most of the translation work has already been done: "The PS3 version automatically includes the six “extra songs” from the Japanese VITA DLC. They’re on the disc!"

Now, I don't work in PR (I have a soul) but surely at some point there was a meeting (perhaps two) and someone asked what their response to a very obvious should be? If not, they shouldn't be working in PR either, even if that answer was "we will gauge user reaction" or "yes/no/maybe/watch this space." Anything except the dopey non-answers provided today.

Perhaps Sony and Sega will roll out the Vita version during their E3 shows, but if they do, having trailed the PS3 version like this, any surprise is ruined. Dumb move, Sega!