Chillingo joins the PlayStation Mobile fraternity, iBomber Defense and Feed me Oil inbound

With some great games, and a fair volume of titles, arriving on the PlayStation Mobile side of PSN in recent weeks, perhaps there is hope for this slightly-maligned Vita and Android format. It will certainly get a lift as Chillingo has signed up to publish games for it.

Don't expect much in the way of new titles, at first. It looks like we'll be getting a steady stream of current hits including Feed Me Oil, Little Acorns, iBomber Defense and Roll in the Hole. But if there's enough interest it's not a massive challenge to bring new releases in parallel with their regular mobile equivalents.

I've played a bit of iBomber in the past, and that's likely the most core gamer friendly of them, but I'm sure the others all have their own quirks.