Friday, October 2, 2015

Atlus introduce the Odin Sphere characters

Meet Gwendolyn, one of the lead characters in Vanillaware's Odin Sphere title, coming to Japanese Vita owners early next year via Atlus. She's a daddy's girl at heart, but also a bit useful with a polearm.

Switch your focus from her, and there's a few more glimpses of the landscape and monsters that inhabit Odin Sphere, looks like it could be a revamped classic.

Get ready for Sword Art Online: Lost Song in Europe

Multiplayer Vita action seemed to have peaked with Freedom Wars, but there's hope for community as SA) Lost Song as Alfheim with its green floating islands and battle arenas beckons. Take a quick peer at character creation, and some quick battling with up to eight players slogging it out.

Dex brings more cyberpunking to the Vita

Hot on the heels of Pixel Noir getting Kickstarted, comes Dex, a PC RPG action adventure from Dreadlocks. The original is just been upgraded in an enhanced version, with the developers announcing a deal with Spanish publisher BadLand to bring it to consoles.
Today, we are very proud to announce that we are joining forces with BadLand Indie to publish Dex on consoles! Which consoles, you ask? Well, on top of the already promised Wii U version, Dex will also be released on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PS Vita, all coming in 2016!...
It sounds like it has plenty of character and humour, and the Vita's OLED will certainly make that dark scheme stand out.

Tokyo Ghoul Jail first trailer

Anyone else think Tokyo gets too much attention from Japanese games? What's the Japanese equivalent of Slough, Brest, Des Moines and why aren't more games set in such places? Anyway, here's another twisted peek into the world of Tokyo Ghoul: Jail, showing off more words, faces and some vague hints of gameplay - hope this isn't a style over substance title!

New gameplay clip for NIS's Yomowari adds heebie geebies

Still packing crates of innocent charm, Yomowari, aka Night Watchman, is coming on well in the gameplay department as this latest clip shows.

The Nippon Ichi game shows our young heroine guided by her handcrafted map, peering into the edge of the light from her torch at what could be anything - all with a sinister overtone, with giant cat heads and fish that could be normal, could be much worse.

The game is out at the end of the month in Japan, I'll go stand in the corner Blair Witch style for a western release!

Dried Fish Sister sounds so wrong!

Okay, apparently the auto translated title is accurate, but I have no idea what the cultural reference is beyond food. Based on the recent anime, its an adventure and training game from Furyu set in the world of kitchens and Japanese food.

Feel free to try and gain some more insight from the official site, but since you can buy Dried Fish Sister towels and fluffies on eBay, I'm guessing this is aimed at the cute set. If being shouted at by an angry midget sounds like fun to you, feel free to import.

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Check out this fantastic Steins Gate divergence meter

Not sure if this is genuinely for sale or just a marketing prop, but it looks pretty damn cool. With Mages starting to hype up Steins Gate 0 in Japan, the Divergence Meter showed how far from normality things were getting in the origjnal - I'd certainly like one on my desk.

Hopefully Steins Gate sold well enough in the west (I keep asking PQube, but no figures) to encourage them to bring the sequel west.

Okay, how long until the Freedom Wars rhythm action game?

Freedom Wars may be done and dusted for most, but the bandwagon keeps rolling when it comes to music for the game, here's another track from the game. Not sure I'd want to do much dancing or tapping to it, but Sony Japan keeps popping out the tunes!

Guess I should go back and finish it some day, but it was getting very repetitive and I'd totally forgotten whatever story there was - perhaps my Christmas break would be a good time as there are few big new Vita games coming, and none from Sony.

New Dengeki Bunko FIghting Climax roster trailer

Sega, I'd almost forgotten about them when it comes to western Vita releases, but they're still dragging along. Next up is Dengeki Bunko Fighting Climax. I got bored really fast of all the Japanese trailers, so hopefully Sega America will keep this short and sweet as the game is out next week.

With characters from various Dengeki properties including Sword Art Online and Magical Index among others, there's certainly plenty of variety, but I'm yet to be convinced that this is a top level brawler.

Tokyo Xanadu gameplay, beating a boss

With the game now out in Japan, YouTube players are busting through the levels, with this clip showing off a range of moves and actions from a decent-sized boss. Throw in a bit of the story and Falcom's Tokyo Xanadu looks pretty damn good.

YouTuber Aika has a whole load of gameplay videos to check out if you want to learn more about the game, I'm happy to leave it at this and wait for a western release.

Storm Lover visual novels thunder to Japanese Vita owners

Also from D3 (see Omega Labyrinth) comes a couple of Storm Lover visual novels, bringing what I'm assuming are updates of the PSP games to the Vita with new scenarios. One is dropping in December and one in early 2016.

Omega Labyrinth gets ample gameplay and opening clips

'This is it boys, this is war' someone once sang, but I don't think they were talking to their boobs. But here we are, with D3's new RPG that looks all cute and innocent until you realise the girl is on a quest for larger breasts.

There/'s a few minutes of gameplay to check out, it all seems pretty simple stuff, with seriously fluffy combat, not sure that's really in keeping with the likely audience for the game. The opening trailer is a bit more up tempo! The game's cover art was revealed yesterday.

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

PlayStation Plus for October - divisive at best

Last month looked pretty grim for Vita owners and this month's PS+ roster doesn't seem much better. We will get adventure Broken Age, Super Meat Boy, Kickbeat and cheap as chips mobile port Kung Fu Rabbit, all of which have their merits, but there's nothing that will get anyone overly excited.

More on the EU PSN blog.

Another good sales week for Vita in Japan

Sony sold another near-as-dammit 20,000 Vita units last week in Japan according to the Media Create chart. That was on the back of three new entries in the games charts, with Utawareru Mono (False Mask) leading the way, while Resident Evil makes a hasty exit to the bottom of the chart, so that was worth it!

PS4 sales have collapsed to just 4,000 this week as Japan waits for its price cut to kick in. If the Vita keeps this rate up it should easily pass 800,000 sales for the year. That's as sales have followed the overall trend but there have been none of the big spikes from previous years.

04./00. [PSV] Utawareru Mono: Itsuwari no Kamen (Aqua Plus) 26.252 / NEW
07./00. [PSV] Genkai Tokki: Moero Crystal (Compile Heart) 18.721 / NEW
13./16. [PSV] Minecraft: PlayStation Vita Edition (Sony) {2015.03.19} 10.770 / 343.434 (+31%)
16./00. [PSV] Hakuoki: Shinkai - Furi no Shou (Idea Factory) 10.064 / NEW
20./10. [PSV] Resident Evil: Revelations 2 (Capcom) 5.765 / 21.698 (-64%)