All the Vita videos from PlayStation Experience

Right, now the gloss has worn off the PlayStation Experience keynote a bit, Vita owners have a couple of newish games to look forward to. Here's the latest video clips from the show.

Announced at last year's show, SNK's Garou Mark of the Wolves finally releases today, but is replaced in the retro NeoGeo list by WindJammers, a Data East frisbee game.

A little more contempoary is a update of the PC edition of Ys Origin from Falcom, an action RPG, and in the not-at-all-news category, confirmation that Danganronpa V3 is headed west, where it will pick up the subtitle Killing Harmony.

Also in the out-today category is Lara Croft Go, so it looks like Hitman Go did enough business for Square Enix to keep the Montreal team working on a Vita version. And then there's Fallen Legion which will have a different story to the PS4 version.