Review: Run Sackboy, Run!

Okay, this is new. Seeing the Sony branding on an iOS game. I've had a short blast on Sackboy's endless runner on the iPad and am now writing the review on the iOS device, is this really the future? A Vita version is coming, but why wait?

UPDATE: Only five months on, the game finally hits the Vita! Guess Sackboy wasn't running fast enough, its a 294MB download. Naturally there's a sackful of fun trophies to grab with some fairly challenging ones for dedicated players, otherwise it all looks the same as the iOS version reviewed below

The free-to-play game itself is the usual branded cash-in on the genre, with themed levels, lots of dinky goals to achieve, plus LBP's stickers for a bit of distinction and the ability to get extra content for the core PlayStation games.

It feels a bit less thrilling than the Vita's runners, like Jetpack Joyride, perhaps because of Sackboy's slightly plodding nature, but throw in the jetpack, shield and progressively challenging levels and it's still fun to explore and enjoy the textured nature of his world. It does play better on the iPad rather than a smaller iPhone as you can enjoy the scenery more.

Tap to jump, hold for a big jump and swipe to rush away from the pursuing monster is all you need to do, while learning the levels and finding the goodies and collecting multipliers to ramp up the score. I dread to think how the Facebook integration will work on the Vita, but it works fine here.

Vibrant fun, there's some minor in-app purchases but it feels pretty light. I guess the Vita edition will be identical but I'm not hanging around. As a diversion, this is neat and the tie into the main games is something that most others can't offer, but really, its just another endless runner with little imagination in the mechanics. 

Score 7/10
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Price: Free to play
Dev: Sony
Progress: Some