Great Edo Blacksmith mag scans from Japan

After all the seductive teasing, here's our first look at Great Edo Blacksmith, Nippon Ichi's get-rich-and-hitched before you die tale of a metal basher. Mag scans are going around on Twitter (thanks Frank) and from the pics it looks like the focus is very much on the ladies today, with the dungeoneering taking a back seat for now.

From the pics, the RPG side does look pretty old-school, but with a proven engine in Criminal Girls, why go changing things around? And, yes, it does seem the flavour of the year, stroking your potential fair maiden gets yet another run out. Will the Japanese ever get bored of this idea, or is it something engrained in their developers that all gamers will want to do? Expect some edits if it does come west!

I'll keep an eye out for better screens and images and post those once they break cover.