Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Nippon Ichi's sexy game is all about a Blacksmith

Those tasty calendar style shots of a girl and her Vita from last week were in fact for the new NIS game, Great Edo Blacksmith, about as far from slender ladies as you can get. In fact they do play a role as this blacksmith needs a girl and a load of cash to ensure his legacy, as he has but one year to live.

The game (teaser site still rolling here) is due for Japan in November and sees the historical hammer-timer mining away for the raw materials to create items of value for others to buy. The raw materials, naturally enough, lie in monster infested dungeons that must be cleared out by you and a party of fighters. Which should spice things up a bit.

No pics yet, but some content should be along shortly, with more details promised in this week's Dengeki. Apparently it will be a more male-oriented version of the Criminal Girls game. Those naughty ladies are heading west, so hopefully we'll get our hands on this guy's chopper too.

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