Thursday, July 17, 2014

New Nippon Ichi game teased with seduction

Who is this lady, and what is she offering? She's splashed across a new Nippon Ichi game site, about which no one knows nothing, until a big reveal next week. I think the text translation means a "sweet voice" but could be wrong.

UPDATE: Picture 2 from the site shows a lady holding a Vita, which I guess confirms the game's destination format. Now what the hell is it? Singing? Sexy Mahjongg? Only six days until we find out, will NIS make a calendar out of this photoshoot?

Original Story:

With the site likely to evolve in the run up to the big reveal, keep checking back for more revealing snippets. NIS have done plenty of Vita games, and while there's little to suggest this will be one, nothing in the HTML for example, we can hope. 

Any clues you can spot? What's the blurred flower(?) represent in front of the balloon? Is there significance of the fan position (as with European ladies from those times) or am I trying to read too much into a picture of a semi-naked lady?

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