Sunday, July 26, 2015

Snail's W3D Android handheld console coming September

Amazon US has a 29 September release date for Snail's 3D handheld that was first announced earlier this year. Packing an Octacore MediaTek CPU to drive a killer 1080p IPS screen, it could be pretty good for gaming, if there were any mega Android, beyond the usual freemium fluff, games on the way. (Maybe there are, I don't really care).
However, the $399 price tag will probably kill this stone dead, and then interested gamers can pick it up for $199 as they try to clear stock in early 2016. Then again, it does have microSD cards, so can piss all over the Vita in that respect!

The scary thing is all the shit devices (and the Xperia Play) below the main listing, do people actually buy these knock-off monstrosities?

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