Thursday, July 31, 2014

Sony returns to profit as games system sales rise

Sony as a whole is back in the (piano) black in its first quarter results for 2014, driven by a 95% rise in profits from the gaming division over last year's quarter. With PS4 and software sales rocketing, the company as a whole benefits, even though its TV division continues to drag.

Portable sales were also up. This time last year, Sony sold 600,000 PSPs and Vitas. In this quarter it managed 750,000 including around 100,000 Vita TVs. While its not a massive rise, that's the weakest quarter out the way and Sony has plenty of games in Japan to keep the handheld selling there.

With PSP now finished, Sony expects to sell 3.5 million Vita/Vita TV units this year, that's down on last years 4.0 million and way down on 2012's 7 million sales. However, with generally healthy sales growth continuing in Japan, the Vita's future seems pretty secure.

Despite continued good sales of mobile devices, profits from those sales dived into the red, which might also help put more focus back on the Vita which is now a mature product with less R&D needs, unlike the never-ending push for new smartphone and tablet tech.

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