Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Japanese Vita sales not enlivened by Operation Abyss and Corpse Party

A bit gloomy for the Vita in Japan with all these doomy games arriving. Also, sales were mostly flat in Japan this week according to Media Create, so to see the Vita and Vita TV slip some 5,000 sales is a bit alarming as new games continue to arrive. But it is still selling healthily, and way above home consoles. Just ignore the 3DS juggernaut and everything is peachy.

In the chart, Freedom Wars has now passed 300,000 sales if you add in the 35,000 digital downloads Sony mentioned recently, while Oreshika 2 crosses the 100,000 mark in its second week. Operation Abyss and Corpse Drive make solid if unspectacular entries. Demon Gaze managed 25K sales on its launch, so Operation Abyss has some catching up to do. Corpse Party did similar numbers to previous games in the series, so all looks good for 5bp

04./02. [PSV] Oreshika: Tainted Bloodlines # (Sony) 17.690 / 111.465 (-81%)
05./00. [PSV] Tokyo Shinseiroku: Operation Abyss # (5pb.)  15.242 / NEW
06./00. [PSV] Corpse Party: Blood Drive # (5pb.) 13.688 / NEW
13./07. [PSV] Freedom Wars (Sony) {2014.06.26} (¥6.264) - 5.344 / 267.771 

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