Japanese Vita game end of year and TGS roundup

Japan has just a handful of Vita games on the release schedules for 2019, and most are in the updated/pseudo-sequel visual novel vein like Mellkiss from Entergram (first trailer) and Prototype's Cat Wearing Military Shoes (2nd).

Danmachi (3rd) Familia Myth livens things up with some cute RPG action, before possibly the Vita's grand  farewell in the form of Square's Romancing Saga 3, the only major release left by the look of it, arriving on 11 November.

There's still a lot of previously announced games on the release list, but I suspect most of these have already moved to Switch/PS4 only now, like the Chaos;Head Noah remake that I just scrubbed off the list. Fair enough, given the die off in interest, a few others have slipped in to 2020, but I'd be impressed if they ever arrived.

As for Tokyo Game Show, kicking off today, there's literally nothing I can find for the Vita on it, as you'd expect. But it'd be cool to see one or two new titles pop up in the Indie Game Area or a few more physicals.

Oh, here's one an updated visual novel (sigh) - Koi Suru Otome to Shugo no Tate: Bara no Seibo (AXL/Entergram)

Games already announced that should be at the show (but probably not on Vita) include:

Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth Complete Edition
Phantasy Star Online 2 latest updates
Romancing Saga 3