Strength of the Sword Ultimate still in development on Vita

Way back in 2015, I was rather impressed by Ivent's Strength of the Sword Ultimate, but probably too broke to back it. Which is why I'd assumed it had long since been canned, since the developer has gone quiet on Twitter and the game site for years - only posting updates visible to backers on the KS page.

If you are a backer then you will have seen this new Vita dev WIP video, showing it is still alive. For the rest of us - here you go...

Thanks to LRG for the tip! I'll put the game back on the release list, it looks more like an angry Medievil as opposed to Chair's Infinity Blade, which I'd hoped for originally.

For further reading, SotSU went live on Steam last October and has got some good reviews, hopefully not long until the Vita version emerges. Remember, Kickstarter isn't totally dead for Vita owners, and hopefully a few more devs will see it as a funding option.